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I’m so glad that I’m back on a regular schedule for blogging! Y’all have tended to love Book Chats and Review posts so I thought I would end the year with a Book Review post! I occasionally post about books on Tiktok and Youtube as well.

One thing I’m doing that is new is I joined Kindle Unlimited! Another great option for books is Amazon’s Audible Plus. Audible Plus includes books, podcasts, and more! I use my iPad and the kindle app to read books. In the past, I have normally used the Apple books app; however, I feel like it’s been lacking recently.

December book reviews

Book Reviews from Kindle Unlimited

The Youtube Formula: How Anyone can Unlock the Formula to Drive Views | 2.5/5 stars | Honestly, this did not need to be a whole book. I felt like it was extremely repetitive and most of it was common sense or easily accessible information.

Playing Offsides by Cali Melle | 4/5 stars | I really like this series! Aspen has to help Cameron or he risks everything he’s ever worked for (on and off the ice). This book kept me guessing about what would end up happening, which I truly enjoyed about it.

The Inmate by Freida McFadden | 6/5 stars | When I say this has been my favorite book that I’ve read in a while, I’m not kidding. This book felt like it started slow, but when it started moving, you’re on your toes the entire time! I felt like I didn’t know what was coming next. Plus, it was like you are going through life with Brooke instead of just reading a story. If you read no other book, read this one.

Blissful Hook by Hannah Cowan | 4/5 stars | This is the second book in a series and follows the story of Gracie and Tyler. Tyler is Gracie’s brother’s hockey teammate. He’s got some hangups and Gracie is trying to figure out life. I loved how this book really brought the reader into Gracie and Tyler’s world. I definitely felt like I was Gracie’s friend by the end.

Dirty Curve by Meagan Brady | 5/5 stars | This is the story of Tobias, a hockey player (yes, I realize there is a strong theme in most of the books having a plot around hockey). He’s got to make the grades, and he’s forced to meet with someone. She doesn’t always drop everything for him, which for Tobias is new. They have to work out everything and Tobias has to keep her secrets. This book left me really feeling for the characters, and I felt drawn into their world. People were playing dirty (both on and off the ice), and this book really tackles some tough issues.

Lucky Hit by Hannah Cowan | 4/5 stars | This is the first in the series (Blissful Hook is the second), but this story is about Ava and Oakley. Oakley is Gracie’s older brother and he’s trying to make it in the world of hockey. Ava wants almost nothing to do with him, but Oakley feels like he needs to win her over. Again, I really felt drawn into their world and like I was friends with all of the characters. You could read either first, but I would start with this one to help make some things in the second book make a little more sense.

The Faceoff by Cali Melle | 4/5 stars | Eden is the ice skating goddess on campus, but the figure skaters are all ignored. Hayden and the rest of the hockey players rule at this school. Eden uses Hayden and then Hayden can’t figure out who she is until they run into each other at the rink. Can Eden get over her past in order to make things work with Hayden, or is their relationship over before it can start? Again, this is a book that really drew me in. I felt like I got to know the two main characters really well.

Book Review from Apple Books

Losing It by Shelli Stevens | 4/5 stars | Kristen goes on vacation after finishing college. She runs into Blake Wolfe. Little does Blake know, Kristen is on a mission, one her brother will not approve of. It’s Blake’s job to keep her innocent, but can he? I really like this book because the tension is constant throughout the book. Blake wants to be the “good guy” but won’t give in because of his friendship with Kristen’s brother.

As I mentioned earlier, I really I have really struggled to find books on the Books app. I keep starting them and not finishing them because of a lack of interest in the plotline. In full disclosure, I have also not finished multiple books from Kindle Unlimited as well.

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