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    Gift Guide: The Experience

    Are you buying for the person who has everything? This gift guide is for them! Instead of shopping for items, it is all about different experiences you can help them out with! When thinking about different gift guides, I knew I needed to make one for the person who has everything. When creating the Gift Guide: The Experience, I tried to think about things that make people happy. I created a list of different experiences that people in your life might enjoy. When making this gift guide, I tried to think about what people wouldn’t spend money on. Subscriptions for coffee? Not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s why it…

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    Gift Guide: The Entertainer

    I debated heavily about doing gift guides this year. However, I know there are some people that are impossibly hard to shop for! My love language is gifts though, so I love this time of year! A gift guide takes a lot of work, but I think they’re worth it! I’m not sure how many gift guides I will do this year, but I want to make sure I get a couple of different ones up. Do you have any that you want to see? Comment below and let me know! Lacquer Rectangle Tray | This tray is customizable and it’s able to be used all year long. I love…

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    Lilly Pulitzer Resort Wishlist

    Lilly Pulitzer has dropped their first resort (aka winter) release of the year! I absolutely love shopping at Lilly, and I have loved it since I was a mini (sorry mom and dad). For once, Lilly has done some items in *red*. I honestly cannot remember a time that Lilly has done red. However, I am here for it! Onyx is also back with a ton of great options. Most of the year, Lilly holds true to navy being the neutral of choice; however, onyx comes back in the late fall into the resort season. Luxletic Monica Skort | I don’t know what it is with golf skirts, but I’m…