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    Classroom Set Up 2022-2023

    Classroom set up time is here! This is my 5th year teaching 5th grade; but only my 4th year in this room. We spent one year at the middle school…I’m so fortunate to have a room that has so many windows, and I rarely have the overhead lights on during the school year. I showed y’all some of my classroom favorites here and I keep a running list of things I use here. There is also a list of clothes for school and other things that I love! Disclaimer, I do make a commission if you purchase using these links. Setting up my classroom is one of my favorite things…

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    A Year in Review: 2021

    2021. What a year. Who knew that 2021 would be so similar to 2020? Not me. But, here we are. I wanted to look at what happened each month and check in on my 2021 goals before the New Year. January I spent a lot of time blogging! This month, I wrote so many different posts this month, but I think my favorite was this one on influence. I also wrote some posts on Pinterest marketing. Unfortunately, due to how Pinterest is set up now, I’m definitely not finding it as lucrative. However, I still love Pinterest. Maybe I’ll do an updated post about Pinterst? February I did a check-in…

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    Gift Guide: The Entertainer

    I debated heavily about doing gift guides this year. However, I know there are some people that are impossibly hard to shop for! My love language is gifts though, so I love this time of year! A gift guide takes a lot of work, but I think they’re worth it! I’m not sure how many gift guides I will do this year, but I want to make sure I get a couple of different ones up. Do you have any that you want to see? Comment below and let me know! Lacquer Rectangle Tray | This tray is customizable and it’s able to be used all year long. I love…

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    Fall Fashion

    It’s October! I literally could not be more excited for fall fashion to finally be weather appropriate. Supposedly, we’re going to have a warmer than normal October, but that isn’t bumming me out too much. When I’m looking at pieces to purchase for fall, I’m looking at pieces I can wear for years. I don’t want to participate in fast fashion, and that is one of the easiest ways to prevent falling into the trap of fast fashion. My favorite pieces are ones that are versatile and things I can wear for multiple seasons and year after year. I pulled together these items because of they fit the bill! I…

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    Fast Fashion

    Fast fashion seems to be all the rage-especially with how Shein has stayed at the top of the game. However, they’re not the first fast fashion brand, and certainly won’t be the last. Remember Forever 21? They’re fast fashion, too. I will admit, I’m a shopaholic. However, I’ve been doing a lot better recently. I really think my surgery helped with that. However, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend on TikTok and around the rest of the internet (Instagram, other bloggers, etc.). have been shopping heavily at places like Shein. Shein is known for being very inexpensive, and often poor quality. But, what even is fast fashion? It’s the mass production…

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    Easter Baskets

    Easter is right around the corner, which means it’s time for Easter baskets. I love putting together gifts for any occasion. I have been seeing a ton of high end Easter ideas-like Dyson hair dryers. I’ll be honest, I came from a family where we got chocolate and a small thing like bubbles growing up. Plus, the annual Easter egg hunt! There was one year our dog, Emma, tried to hunt down the eggs before my brother and I! I love putting together gift guides and holiday guides. So, of course, I had to do one for Easter! I included mostly things for kids, but shared a few things for…

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    Living Room

    As y’all know, I am in the market (using that loosely) for my first home. I will be the first person to say I love the farmhouse feel- think Chip and Joanna Gaines. Decorating my future home is one of my favorite things to do in all my free time. I did an office decor post here. Today, I’m sharing with you the furniture and decor for a living room. Disclaimer: I am part of the Amazon affiliates program, and I may or may not make a commission from these links. All opinions are my own and I am not being paid for this post. Furniture Pieces I love this…

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    A Weekend in my Life Vlog

    I took the time to film a few things on my snowy weekend in-just in time for it to (hopefully) snow again! I love creating vlogs for y’all, and it’s super fun when it’s a weekend without a lot going on. This week and weekend, I’m filming because I have a LOT going on. I can’t wait to share with y’all some exciting things coming up! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to always see the videos first.

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    A Week in my Life as a 5th Grade Teacher | Feb. 2021

    Join me for a week in my life as a 5th grade teacher! This year, school definitely looks a lot different due to protocols. However, in my district, elementary school is still 5 days a week. Families have the choice to be 100% virtual or 100% in person. Middle and High schools are either 100% virtual or hybrid (where they attend school 2 days a week and do virtual work 2 days a week). I’ve shared before what it’s like to be a teacher this year, and I’ve shared a video about it here. This year, instead of being departmentalized (where I would teach Language Arts and Social Studies and…

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    Things I Don’t Spend Money on Anymore

    Money is always a hot topic. Recently, I realized that I was not spending money on the same things as I have been in the past. Maybe this shopaholic is taking some of the advice I’ve been offering! Every new release at Lilly Pulitzer| Y’all I am a tried and true lifelong Lilly Pulitzer fan. I will be the first person to say that. However, I am not buying from every single release right now. Everything an influencer shares | I know I’ve shared my opinions on influencing here, and I do still think there are better influencers out there. There are only a handful of things I’ve tried from…