Home Rehab

Hello there friends!

I feel like I’ve been running a hundred miles an hour and can’t catch a break.

However, I did take the time to vlog this weekend since we worked on rehabbing my friend’s new house! I wanted to share the vlog here, and of course my YouTube channel! Make sure to subscribe for so many videos!

Thanks for watching! Make sure to like and leave a comment if you want to!



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What I Want in a Future Home

Hi y’all,

Happy August! I’ve been super busy finishing up my summer term classes and then cleaning up my brother’s old room to make it into my office.

My school district announced in mid-July that we would have in person classes 5 days a week for elementary school. Both my parents are high risk and we thought the best option at the time was for me to start looking at buying a house.

While this was a great opportunity for me to see what I liked and didn’t like in a future home, it ended up not being the best option for me at this moment in time (but I will say I will probably be looking to purchase my first home within a year).

I’m used to the construction world since my dad works in the industry (and has my whole life). My dad’s forte is custom homes. I have seen some of the most gorgeous homes and already knew a little bit about what I liked and didn’t like based on what other people had done in their homes. I also grew up in the “country”, by this I mean I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood.

  1. Storage space. Y’all it is my dream to have a walk in closet. I will 100% say I have a shopping addiction. It’s a serious problem. The house I grew up in has tiny closets, a tiny pantry, etc. I want storage space y’all. Oddly enough though, this does not mean I necessarily want a garage. I do not want a crawl space.
  2. Places to walk. I do not want to live in a neighborhood where I can’t go outside for a walk. This mostly means that I need to be in a safe location, which I’m not really considering anywhere that isn’t safe. One of the things I want to do for myself is get myself a dog when I finish grad school (next year!) so it will be important that I have space to let my dog out or take her out on walks.
  3. 3 bedrooms. Most of the homes I’ve looked at are 3 bedrooms and this is something I definitely want. I will probably use one as my office space and one as an actual guest bedroom.
  4. Granite countertops. Luckily, this is becoming a new norm and almost all new builds come standard with granite countertops (like Stanley Martin). Some are still an upgrade, but if I end up deciding to build, I will definitely pay for the upgrade for granite.
  5. Minimal carpet. Even though vacuuming is my preferred method of cleaning, I do not want a ton of carpet in my home.
  6. A porch. This isn’t something my house needs to come with because I know I can build my own/have my dad help me build one. However, having the space for it is important to me.
  7. Pool access. This would be great, but again I have a blow up pool I can use instead of a real pool.
  8. Low HOA fee. Y’all, some of these HOA fees are ridiculous. $200+ a month? No thank you. I really don’t want to pay more than $50 a month but depending on what I get with the HOA fee, I could be persuaded for a little bit more.

I definitely plan on vlogging the home buying process when I start looking next Spring/Summer. Especially if I end up building a home which is currently a possibility.



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The Fashion Industry & Bankruptcy

Hi y’all,

We are continuously seeing companies, especially in the fashion industry, declare some form of bankruptcy.

However, what no one seems to be considering is that these companies were already struggling prior to the recession caused by COVID-19.

J.Crew was definitely already struggling, mostly due to a buyout. However, from a shoppers perspective, clothes there are expensive, that you can buy at J. Crew Factory or J. Crew Mercantile for a fraction of the price. Plus, there is always a sale, so why buy anything full price?

J.C. Penny was also already struggling, along with Neiman Marcus. Pier 1 has actually been in the process for a while of shuttering stores, just without the formal filing for bankruptcy. The store here in Charlottesville closed last year.

Here’s a list of companies that have filed for bankruptcy this year.

Now, I am not an economics person in the least; however, I can tell you some of the things from a consumer perspective that caused the demise of these companies:

  1. Constant sales. I mentioned this previously, but if a store is always holding a sale, I don’t feel the need to ever pay full price. In fact, I will often sale watch until it’s a least 40% off.
  2. Giving deals online but not in store. This crushes a business’s brick and mortar sales because everyone will want the sale price. If you can’t get a price match in store, they will turn right around and order online.
  3. Not diversifying. If you offer the same thing year after year, typically people don’t need to keep repurchasing. Obviously, staple items are a must, like the J.Crew pixie pants. I love them, and I will continue to buy them when I need a new pair. Lilly Pulitzer keeps similar silhouettes but changes the prints. This is still diversifying but staying true to the brand.
  4. Poor customer service. Y’all, I am a tried and true Nordstrom shopper for life (even if they close the Richmond store) because of their customer service. I don’t necessarily have to get my way, but I must feel like I’m listened to.
  5. No Rewards Program. J.Crew offers rewards with their credit card; however, there is not a blanket reward program with just an email. Store cards are often not a great investment because you may only be able to use them in that one store (like with J. Crew). Often times you’re better off to get a credit card through Visa or Discover and reap their benefits, like cashback.

There are obviously a ton of other factors, like what is carried in the store, location, etc. that also play a large part in the success of a store.

Overall, these companies may be bankrupt now; however, this recession was not what actually caused this. They have been on the downfall for months, if not years, prior to this recession. Some of these stores will be on the comeback; others not so much.



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30 Days of Blogging

Hi y’all,

Well, it’s officially day 30 of blogging every day for a month. Y’all, I’m so glad that I challenged myself to put out 30 posts. It was definitely helpful in learning more about myself and more about some of the parts of blogging that I often forget are just as important as the actual post. I started this challenge with My 5 Year Plan, wrote multiple book posts, gave a fitness update, and shared a 101 in 1001 update.

First, I definitely learned that it gets tough to put out posts every day for 30 days. I know that I used some of these days to post more get to know me things. I know the bloggers I follow more closely are the ones I feel a connection to. You cannot feel a connection unless you know the person.

Second, I “failed” at consistently marketing my posts. If you’re a full time blogger, or part time blogger making money off the blog, I can totally see how marketing your posts is a major time suck on your day. Between Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (if Facebook is letting you post), and everything else I do in a day it is incredibly tough to have enough time to adequately market yourself and your posts. I can totally see what bloggers use schedulers and other tools like that to help them out with marketing their posts.

Third, I learned more about marketing. Facebook is currently against linking to blog posts (Thanks Facebook), which was one of my major sources for readers. Now, my major source is definitely Pinterest. Marketing on Pinterest is its own beast; however, can be very rewarding.

Fourth, it’s time consuming. I knew how much I tend to spend on a normal post, and I normally write about 15 a month. However, writing 30 posts was actually more like triple to quadruple the amount of time I normally spend because I was writing posts that varied from my usual content.

Will I continue blogging as frequently? Definitely not. I can foresee myself continuing to post 3 to maybe 4 times a week. However, I truly enjoyed getting to write so many posts and share more insight into my world.

If you have any post requests, feel free to drop them in the comments! Thanks for reading along with me this month!



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June Book Chat

Hi y’all,

Can you believe it’s almost the end of June? Me neither! I had a few assignments to finish up for school which is why today’s post is so late.

I did talk about the children’s books I read for class here.

However, I didn’t read only for class this month.

The Start of Us by Lauren Blakely. Girl and guy are best friend, but nothing more….right? Maybe not. This is part of a trilogy and I have only read this one. Definitely a story that captivated my attention and makes me want to read more. 4/5 stars for stereotypical ending.

Marrying Mr. Perfect by Lizzie Shane. The nanny is “just helping out” until the perfect doctor can get his life together after his wife’s sudden death. Yet four years later, she’s still there. Her best friend thinks she has the best solution: find Mr. Perfect the perfect wife. Highly recommend-5/5 stars. An absolutely delightful read. It is definitely based off The Bachelor Franchise so if you’re into that you’ll love this book. I loved how this book played out.

Part Time Lover by Lauren Blakely. Marketing extraordinaire goes on vacation, well not a real vacation, it was to make sure she knew the best way to promote a new company. She doesn’t expect to find a good looking guy on a dock in Denmark. Jokes on her! Except, they don’t meet up later due to a fluke error. They don’t meet the next day….but a year later they do. Now, he needs her….at least for a while. 5/5 Highly recommend. It’s an unique plotline that keeps you entertained the entire way through the book.

Her Best Friend’s Keeper by Calle J. Brookes. She’s been on the down low in the Texas State Police office for the past few years. And that is just how Gabby likes it. Her quiet space isn’t quiet for long. New boss rolls in and her entire world is flipped upside down…for the second time in her life. Y’all 7/5 stars if that is a thing. This is absolutely an amazing book and I loved every second of it. Go run and grab this book right now.

Swipe Right for a Cowboy by Karen Folley. Y’all, this book. Girl needs a guy for a wedding date to her half sister’s wedding-to her ex bf. The guy she matches with-isn’t who she expects. 5/5 stars-this book is entertaining and makes you fall in love with all the characters. You really like you’re a part of the book. Go grab it!

Ayden by Melissa Belle. Ayden is the best friend-you know the person you’re not supposed to fall in love with. Bella’s love life is in shams after her bf is outed publicly. She heads home to the east coast, to find her parents’ relationship is in shambles. She’s working a minimum wage job instead of following her heart…but is it worth it? 5/5 stars-another fantastic book! I couldn’t put it down and loved every second of it.

Timid by Devney Perry. Willa has lived in town her whole life, and when she’s a teenager Mr. Hotty himself, Jackson Page, shows up. However, he doesn’t give her the time of day. Willa’s life is not going exactly how she planned, even though she now has her dream job. All she wants is Jackson’s attention. Over time, Willa and Jackson get to know each other, but nothing is what it seems. This story ends up being a great mixture of romance and mystery. 4/5 stars for a predictable ending.

What have y’all been reading?



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Would You Rather?

Hey y’all,

I wanted to do a fun post for y’all today, so I decided to do some would you rather questions. I simply googled some to find different ones.

Would you rather be gossiped about or never talked about? Easy. Never talked about.

Would you rather be hairy all over or bald? Hairy all over. You can fix that easily.

Would you rather be happy for 8 hours a day or poor, sad, and rich for 8 hours a day? I’d rather be happy.

Would you rather be invisible or able to read minds? Oh this is a tough one! I think I would prefer to be able to read minds.

Would you rather be ugly and rich or poor and beautiful? Poor and beautiful.

Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate? On an island alone.

Would you rather end hunger or hatred? I would rather end hatred because when people are kind to each other, hunger can be worked on together.

Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars? True love.

Would you rather forget who you are or forget who everyone else is? Another tough one. I think I would rather forget who I am just because I could put that back together by things around me. My two best friends don’t live in Charlottesville, so I wouldn’t be able to piece them back as easily.

Would you rather get caught singing in the mirror or spying on your crush? Call me the hopeless romantic, but spying on my crush because what if they like me back?

Would you rather never use the internet again or never watch tv again? Never watch tv again (loophole-watch tv via the internet).

Would you rather never be able to use your email or phone ever again? Email. I can live without that. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have email at all.

Would you rather only be able to whisper or always shout? Whisper. Except for my dad would never be able to hear me.

Would you rather own a ski lodge or a surf camp? Ski lodge. I don’t surf or ski, but I feel like I can handle a ski lodge better than a surf camp.



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A Local’s Guide to Charlottesville

Hi y’all,

I’m so excited to be sharing this with y’all today! As you may know, I was born and raised in Charlottesville and I’m lucky enough to still call it home today. I also realize that people can have a negative opinion or think they know Charlottesville from what they’ve seen on the news. Charlottesville is definitely not what is being constantly portrayed in the media, and I want y’all to see the Charlottesville I know and love.

There are several different “neighborhoods” so to speak that make up Charlottesville and the surrounding county, Albemarle. I broke it up a little bit to share with you my favorite places and places that are a true Charlottesville tradition.

Pantops (this part of town is toward Keswick, going east toward Richmond).

-Chandler’s Ice Cream. Chandler’s is a family owned ice cream shop that is actually housed in the Tractor Supply parking lot. It’s absolutely delicious!

-Kohr Brothers. This is another custard/ice cream place and they actually have multiple locations across town.

-TipTop. This is near the Carmax and is Greek/Americana food. It’s typically always busy but always has good service and fantastic food.

Downtown (historic Downtown is near the courthouses, along Market Street and Main Street).

-The Nook. Delicious home cooking and it is definitely a Charlottesville tradition. The inside is still the same as it’s always been, but they do have outdoor seating during good weather.

-Chap’s Ice Cream. This place has every ice cream lovers dream when it comes to traditional ice cream. It’s a definite stop on a hot summer afternoon.

-Sal’s Italian Restaurant. Another delicious restaurant. This is traditional Italian food, with classic decor. Outside seating is also available.

-Citizen Burger. I’ve actually never eaten here (it open when I was in high school or college) but it is always packed and they have every kind of burger you can ask for.

-Splendora’s. This is a local coffee shop and has tons of speciality drinks all year long.

-Timberlake’s Drugstore. This is not your typical drugstore. In the back is an old fashion soda fountain. They have the absolute BEST milkshakes (handspun!). They serve breakfast and lunch, so if you want to stop by for delicious hand squeezed limeade, you should plan on stopping by earlier in the day.

-Tuel Jeweler’s. This is a family owned jewelry store and always has a wonderful selection.

-Rock Paper Scissors. A locally owned stationary store that has everything from cards and pens to planners. They also offer appointments to select stationary for special occasions like wedding invitations.

-Bittersweet. A locally owned clothing boutique. In the fall and winter they have the best selection of Frye boots. I would say the boutique airs on the side of a bohemian style.

-Caspari. Caspari is another stationary store, but they also have gifts and home goods. They have a generous dog section as well. They even have a children’s section filled with books and stuffed animals.

-New Dominion Bookstore. A true old fashioned bookstore that sells modern books. I love going in even just to visit because it reminds me of the shop in Beauty and the Beast. They often have books that large chains, like Barnes and Noble, doesn’t have.

-Miller’s. Miller’s is a bar that has a little bit of everything. It’s most well known for having Dave Matthews play acoustically on their stage back in the day.

UVA’s Corner

-Mincer’s. This is the hometown UVA apparel store. This store has better pricing then the bookstore and honestly has more selection. The original is on The Corner on Grounds, but there is a newer store in the Shops at Stonefield which has the same selection.

-Ragged Mountain Running and Walking Shop. The best customer service for athletic shoes, I’d go to say in the state if not the nation. When you walk into the store you have a sales person one on one with you watching your gait and helping you select the perfect athletic shoe for your needs. They recently added the “and walking” because so many of their customers were walking, not running! When I go in, I make sure they know about previous injuries (like to my right foot and my knee) to make sure they understand why I want a shoe with extra cushion.

-Purvello Cycle Studio. This is a little bit past the Corner, but still in the general location. I’ve never been here because I honestly can’t figure out parking, but I’ve heard good things.

-The White Spot. Traditional Charlottesville. I think of this as classic American food. It’s definitely in a hole in the wall but always has great food.

-Boylan Heights. This came when I was in middle or high school. It’s super delicious and has tons of different burgers to chose from. I know it recently switched ownership, and I haven’t been there since the change happened. One super unique think about Boylan is that you can create your own burger and the order sheet is like a scantron (again, this is what it was like before an ownership change, I’m not sure if the new owner kept the same process).

-Finch. A clothing store that definitely caters toward college students, but has some great universal pieces as well. It’s definitely worth stopping in to see what’s new.

-The College Inn. When I was growing up, this was owned by the absolute cutest old couple. They sold after the husband passed away and the women was in poor health, but the menu has mostly stayed the same. It’s definitely worth stopping in to see the cool memorabilia from different UVA athletes.

Barracks Road

-The Villa. This used to be closer to the Corner, but moved a year or so ago. It has different hours and a slightly more condensed menu but still has wonderful food and great service.

-Zoom Cycle + Train. I love this place. I go to spin here at least once a week. There has never been a bad playlist and I always leave having burned a ton of calories and feeling good-exhausted. Sometimes, in spin, I do feel like I’m the oldest in the room as there are a lot of students in the classes. However, I took a fight class and there were definitely some non students in the class.

-Bodo’s. Talk about classic Charlottesville. Bodo’s actually has three different locations (one on the Corner, one at Barracks, and one on Preston close to Downtown). I will say this one is probably the easiest one to get to. You never have to worry about quality because it’s always fantastic and the service is outstanding.

-Fink’s. I tell my mom all the time I want my engagement ring to come from either Tiffany’s or Fink’s. The perk of Fink’s is that you get the family feel all the time. Fink’s has a huge selection of fine jewelry to chose from and so many options. They will also help you design a ring or piece if what you want isn’t in their cases. This store is not necessarily a local Charlottesville store, but the service is always wonderful. There are a few stores in North Carolina and multiple in Virginia.

-Whimsie’s. This store used to be in Barrack’s Road but is now in the Shops at Stonefield, which is very close by, just go north on 29 and you’ll be there in less than 5 minutes. Whimsie’s is a children’s store that sells everything from clothes to toys to necessities like nightlights. They have a wide variety of brands and styles to chose from. Highly recommend taking a peak if you’re shopping for a little one!

-Natalie Dressed is behind Barrack’s Road in the Shops at Millmont. It’s a high end consignment shop that has a little bit of everything. I actually found my senior year formal dress here! They often have Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew.

-Flydog Yoga. I’ve never personally been to Flydog yoga, but I’ve heard good things about their classes.

-The Elements. Hot yoga in the Shops at Stonefield. I’m not much of a hot yoga person but one of my good friends goes pretty much daily to hot yoga and loves it.

-Greenberry’s Coffee. If you like Starbucks, you’ll love Greenberry’s! It’s got everything a Starbucks has and more. So many options and they always have great recommendations.

Charlottesville is home to a ton of great locally owned businesses that you should definitely go check out if you stop in to town.



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My Relationship with God & Religion

Hi y’all,

As I mentioned yesterday, since I’m blogging every day this month, I want to share some more personal posts. This post is very personal and definitely goes into more about me as a person.

Today’s post is about my relationship with God. This is not something that I normally talk about with other people, I hold this relationship very close to the heart. I am not here to tell you what you should believe in or not believe in. I’m here to share my experiences and story with you.

Yes, I grew up in a Christian household. I celebrate Easter, Christmas, and all the other traditional Christian holidays. We prayed before the big holiday meals at my grandparents’ houses and at a family reunions. We did not go to church. My great grandmother, Grana, was possibly the Godliest woman I’ve ever known, and will probably ever know. She was a saint and when I think about being a Christian, she is what I think about. I am well aware that I can never be her; however, she literally set the perfect example (if there is such a thing). One example of her belief was when Grana was in her later 90s she opened up her home to a missionary from Ethiopia, and she just said it was what God would want her to do. She was a saint, y’all.

Anyway, growing up in a drastically different household where we didn’t go to church…ever. This gave me the unique opportunity to find God and find what I believe on my own.

I did go to two different Christian preschools (one was Presbyterian and the other Baptist). I don’t really remember if they even taught us anything about religion.

Then, I went to public school, and any sort of religion wasn’t taught besides what different holidays were.

This continued on like this for years. The entire time I considered myself a Christian, but never fully practiced.

Then, my sophomore year of high school the unthinkable happened. My best friend committed suicide. We had an argument and her boyfriend at the time was the center of her world, so we weren’t super close at the time of her passing; however, it still rocked me. I found out the day it happened, and I will never forget that Labor Day Weekend. At the time, I definitely held on better than I think anyone expected me to, including myself. I’m grateful that I had supportive parents, and I could throw myself into school, field hockey, and horseback riding.

Later in high school, probably my junior year, I took Journalism and met a new friend. We had actually known each other from years ago, but this was the first time we had ever had a class together. She is the person who invited me to go to church with her, and then a youth retreat. I decided to go ahead and go to the youth retreat. I knew several of the other girls who would be there and thought it would be a good way to meet some new people. Plus, it would be a good time to center myself with God after everything that had been going on in my life.

I packed up my sleeping bag, clothes, and headed to the church to meet everyone for the weekend. The camp we were going to is in the south end of the county, near the James River and has so many cool things you can do in the summer time. Unfortunately, this was in the fall/winter (I didn’t have field hockey at this point of the year), and I remember wearing sweatshirts and long pants the entire time we were there. We all hung out, did dinner, fellowship, get to know you activities (there were multiple guests, not just me), etc. We headed off to bed. The next morning, we did worship, fellowship, and games all day. After dinner that night, we had a huge bonfire. This bonfire was definitely the turning point of the weekend and my path with God. The youth pastor at the time lead worship around the bonfire, we made smores, we sang songs, and then things got a little more serious. This is when I accepted God more formally.

When I went to CNU, I ended up joining InterVarsity (IV). I attended pretty much every Thursday (minus one semester when I had a late Thursday night class). I definitely made friends at IV and had more God centered conversations and relationships. Religion is also a point of my sorority, it was actually founded by 6 women, 5 of which were daughters of ministers. We always had a someone who we could talk to in regards to religion, and many sisters went to church together. My roommate in college was Catholic, and I did go to mass with her once or twice.

I’ll be honest, when I say I am a Christian, I mean that in the true sense of I do not belong to a denomination of Christianity. I do not foresee myself picking a denomination, either. I believe there is God, and Jesus, and Jesus died for us on the cross. I believe that our sins are forgiven. I pray more now and listen to worship music weekly. We still only pray out loud before large family meals during the holidays (family reunions have fallen by the wayside since Grana passed). I pray over my meals myself and have a nightly prayer. I consider my nightly prayer more of a conversation with God. I know all too often we call on God only when we need something (or think we need something). This is not something that I believe in. I believe in having constant communication so that we are always on the same page. Now, I definitely do not believe that we get everything we ask for. I do believe that God knows what is best and the best will come in time and we might not know what it is yet.

My story might be similar to others you’ve heard before; however, I feel like it is important that you know what I believe and why I believe it. If you want to chat, feel free to feel out the form on the contact me page.



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Weekly Catch Up 6.13

Happy Saturday y’all!

This week I’ve been doing a lot of reading for my classes to hopefully get ahead so I don’t feel as much pressure during the rest of the summer term.

However, I did spend a little bit of money this week. I haven’t shopped at Sephora in a while (like years) and I wanted to try out the Isle of Paradise tanning drops because I’m extra pale and nothing seems to be working as far as self-tanners go. So I put in an order….I just got the tanning drops, and tried them out tonight. No worries, I’ll keep you updated! I also got some Charlotte Tilbury lipglosses to try out. However, on Thursday night, I tried out the Clinique body exfoliator and oh my gosh am I in love! My legs have never felt softer in my entire life.

As far as working out goes, I have accomplished 11 days of Morning Meltdown from Beach Body! I normally don’t stick with a workout program this long, so I’m super proud of myself. I have already started noticing results! I am also making it a priority to walk or ride the stationary bike for more steady state workouts. I honestly don’t like our stationary bike-it’s a recumbent bike and I’m too short for it so it is uncomfortable for me, but I can’t get a regular spin bike yet.

I’ve been listening to lots of country music-specifically Morgan Wallen and Jimmie Allen.

Anyway, I’ve written a few posts this week and wanted to make sure you saw them all:

Doubts about Blogging

Tips to a Successful Summer Term

Classroom Prep Now (Instead of August)

Protect your Skin

Productivity Secrets

This upcoming week, I plan on more workouts and more reading. If you can’t tell this is kind of the story of my life right now!

What have you been up to?



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10 Secrets for Productivity

Hi y’all,

Happy Friday! How fitting is it that this post is on productivity, when I’m sure we’re all a little checked out at this point. My “summer” officially started on June 2nd; however, I have summer classes that have already started, and will end in late July/early August.

Since I don’t really get a break where I get to sit around and do nothing (before my classes started I spent a great deal of time reading ahead so that I wouldn’t have to do as much each week). I have to continuously be productive without a relaxing break. Plus, when you add in my extracurriculars (blogging, Junior League, alumnae association, working out) it can be very difficult to be productive when I’m not super interested or engaged in a task.

One reason I’ve been given why some people cannot work from home is because they won’t be productive. Well, I think we can all see that we can be productive when we work from home, as long as expectations are fair. As professions that have never dreamed of being remote moved suddenly to all virtual (including teaching) it is important to know that we had to be productive in a medium that we are not used to using 100% of the time. I won’t try and hide the fact it was difficult to do this switch. I suddenly couldn’t help students in real time, sit with them if they need an adult to help keep them focused, and have continual conversations with them. Yes, I was able to continue implementing things that I had been doing all year, like read aloud, and providing students with opportunities to choose their assignments but it wasn’t the same.

When quarantine started, I was asked to spend the majority of the day available to email, still have team planning, provide at least weekly class meetings, and contact families each week. I ended up doing meetings twice a week and used that time for read aloud. We read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The rest of the time was really my own and I had to figure out how to be accountable to my own productivity. This is how I did it:

  1. Create a daily to-do list. Each day, the first thing I did was create a daily to-do list. I made this specific to things I needed to accomplish for school. I then re-wrote the list in a priority order. I also made sure to include any meetings for the day so that I wouldn’t forget something important.
  2. Keep a consistent schedule. I kept a pretty consistent schedule. Each week, the meetings were the same (Read Aloud on Tuesday and Thursday, team planning on Mondays, etc.).
  3. Take a break. If you’re sitting there starring at your computer screen, you’re not being productive. Give your eyes and brain a break and take a step away from your computer for 10 minutes. I did some yoga to help get the blood flowing.
  4. Take lunch! Oh my goodness, this was definitely the best thing I did for myself! Every day I made sure to schedule in lunch time so that I knew I would have that break consistently and knew it was a time that no one could intrude.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Another general great health tip, but drink water! First, it helps keep you awake and hydrated. This helps keep you focused! I add lemon to my water to give it a bit of taste so I drink more. I also used filling up my Yeti as a natural break in my day.
  6. Get dressed. This one was definitely harder for me, but get dressed every day! A lot of the time, I switched from what I slept in to different lounge clothes. Since my meetings were via Zoom and Google Hangouts, I would switch my top if I needed to look a little more presentable.
  7. Plan something to do after your work time. Plan something fun to do after work time that you can only do if you finish all you work. This could be a quick little treat like online shopping, or self care like painting your nails. If you don’t finish everything on your to-do list, you don’t get the treat or whatever you planned.
  8. Workout every day. Take time every day to workout. This makes your brain more focused and allows for endorphins to flow through your body. I have to eat before I workout, so I always worked out during my lunch break or right after my day was finished.
  9. Use materials you like. Use your favorite pens, favorite planner, favorite anything and it will make you more productive! You’ll enjoy what you’re using which makes you more willing to do your work. I always used my favorite pens.
  10. Make sure you’re being reasonable with yourself. Set your expectations for the amount of work you’re going to get done to the point where they are reasonable. As a teacher, it wouldn’t make sense for me to sit down and go “I’m going to plan all of writing for the year” right now. It’s just not feasible. Instead, I can make a template and a plan for what I want my potential writing block to look like, but that doesn’t mean that I can plan specific SOLs that I will need to cover or what everything will look like.

How’s everything going for you? Are you being productive?



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