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Things I Don’t Spend Money on Anymore

Money is always a hot topic. Recently, I realized that I was not spending money on the same things as I have been in the past. Maybe this shopaholic is taking some of the advice I’ve been offering!

  1. Every new release at Lilly Pulitzer| Y’all I am a tried and true lifelong Lilly Pulitzer fan. I will be the first person to say that. However, I am not buying from every single release right now.
  2. Everything an influencer shares | I know I’ve shared my opinions on influencing here, and I do still think there are better influencers out there. There are only a handful of things I’ve tried from influencers that I’ve loved enough to repurchase multiple times.
  3. Inexpensive cosmetics | I have sensitive eyes so the majority of drugstore cosmetic brands do not work for eye makeup. It can also be really hard to match my skin to foundations (pale with freckles-who knew it would be so difficult?). Instead of buying drugstore products that may or (most likely) will not work, I am spending my money on higher-end cosmetics, but less of them. For instance, I have a foundation (I’m currently trying a new one), mascara, and a paint pot from mac. I sometimes use bronzer/blush. Yes, I end up spending “more” money in the sense of cost; however, I’m buying less products so I’m still saving.
  4. Clothes | Y’all I’m really proud of myself on this one. Not only have I drastically cut down on Lilly Pulitzer, I actually bought NO clothes in the month of January. I did buy two shirts in February, but they’re both for fundraisers so I don’t feel too guilty about them. While I’ve always been a “sale shopper” (hello, teacher budget), I have found that I’ve changed the stores I shop at quite a bit. While I miss some of the fabulous boutiques Charlottesville used to have (so many have closed in recent years, even before the pandemic), I’ve definitely been sticking to stores that offer great promos. Yes, I do consider “clothes” separate from Lilly Pulitzer. I know that I’m not typically getting Lilly Pulitzer (or will have an opportunity) on sale. Unfortunately, the store in my hometown closed in March (along with all the other LP stores) and they decided not to reopen it.
  5. Eating out | Since last March, I have been out to eat “in a restaurant” once. We sat outside, I used a straw, and I ordered food that I could eat with my hands. One thing I love about this restaurant was that they had cameras in the kitchen broadcasted on tvs. You could see that the kitchen staff were following protocol and doing a great job. I have gone to Chick Fil A more frequently; however, my meal there is like $6. There is an Italian restaurant in town that we get take out from (typically once a week on their weekly pizza special).

What are y’all not buying anymore?



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