Christmas Wishlist 2020

Hi y’all,

I know at least my mom will be happy I’m finally writing this post! Albeit, I am actually super disappointed in how many bloggers are promoting numerous gift guides and super expensive gifts. Obviously, this year has been unique and I am definitely not expecting or really asking for any of these things on my wishlist. It’s just something to help guide and would be nice if someone wanted to buy them for me.

Now, this is not a gift guide. It’s a wishlist. I know that I will probably get maybe one thing that is on it. That is totally fine with me. This year has been stressful for everyone in one way or another. Also, I’m really proud of myself that the word “puppy” is not on here one time. We all know that will be coming though (if only I could finish grad school in the near future).

  1. Camera for vlogging. I already have a DSLR canon I bought a few years ago; however, it’s not conducive for vlogging and my iphone battery is not reliable anymore. My mom is a professional photographer (check out her instagram here) and we’ve been buying from B&H for years if not decades.
  2. Lilly Pulitzer Dillon Pullover. I have this in the lavender color Lilly did back in early spring (before quarantine) and love it! My favorite part is the bow detail in the back. I would want this in a medium to make sure I had room for my shoulders. I love the fact Lilly did this in black, such a great neutral.
  3. Money. It’s no secret I’m saving for a house. I also need to start saving for a new car. I’m also in the home stretch for grad school (about 3 more classes and a practicum over the summer) so being able to finalize the money for this would be great. My district announced in earlier this month that all faculty will be receiving a bonus with our December paychecks, and a 2% raise starting in January. This will of course be a big help; however, I’m definitely focused on making sure I have enough money to make all my dreams happen (and to actually have a bed and a couch in my new home!).
  4. J. Crew Factory pjs. I love love love J.Crew pajamas. They are hands down some of my favorites and are constantly on my wishlist. Mine are a size small.
  5. iPhone 12. I know this is one that my mom will be rolling her eyes at. It’s on me to buy my next phone and I know that. I love that you can pick a color.
  6. A spin bike. Again, I know I’m not getting this. It is definitely something that I want in my future house, though. I haven’t been to spin class at Zoom since March 5th and I really miss it. While I know they are taking as many precautions as they can, I’m constantly in a high risk environment at school.

Obviously, I have some clothes that I really want (and have already been purchased by me). Again, this is a wishlist, not a gift guide.

What’s on your wishlist, realistic or not?


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