January Book Club

Hi y’all,

If you know me, I love to read. Hands down it is one of my favorite activities.

I’ve been reading a bunch of books on my iPad recently since I’ve been a little lazy in getting to the library. Luckily, my library does have a great deal with one of the e-book places where you can get “library books” via e-books. I know Carly the Prespster and Caitlin from Southern Pearls and Curls write posts about their favorite books every so often, and I thoroughly enjoy reading them, followed quickly by trying to get my hands on the books!

While I would personally love to sit down and read all day long every day, I know that I can’t. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a Book Club post every month or every other month.

A Stranger in the House || This one reminds me of Gone Girl. A wife ends up having some weird stuff happen, loses her memory, and is struggling to remember how she ended up in the predicament.

Doctor for Christmas by Patricia Fischer || This one is not what you would expect. Single doctor, trying to live his life, when it suddenly gets turned upside down, flipped around, and twisted. I thoroughly enjoyed how easy a read this one was.

Rescuing Emily by Susan Stoker || A romance that seemed like it would never happen. Emily is a quiet girl, struggling to get by who ends up saved by a military man in the most unsuspecting way. I liked how this novel took a turn away from the traditional “damsel in distress” and really empowered Emily even through her challenges.

Spy Girl series by Jillian Dodd || If you’re looking for a traditional “spy” book, this isn’t it. A young girl is faced with personal challenges before being placed in a mysterious boarding school, where she is trained to be a spy. Suddenly, her entire life changes, and she is quickly put to the test.

What books would y’all recommend?



Top 5 Winter Must Haves

Hi y’all,
It’s that time of the year! It’s time for the holidays, which also means the start of cold weather here in Virginia. Now, I realize Virginia winter can be pretty mild compared to what the northeast sees, but far worse than what the more southern states see.

In order to survive, I have my 5 must have products.

1. Senegence LipSense LipBalm. I LOVE this stuff! Send me a message if you want some! This stuff is seriously incredible. I used to use chapstick all the time. Believe me when I say that this is way better. I use it maybe 3 times a day max, and my lips do not crack anymore. The one “downside” is that when you first apply it, your lips tend to peel. It does not last long and it’s the LipSense makeup that is creating the silky smooth lips that you’re looking for. Your lips would peel no matter what product you’re using, I just notice it more with LipBalm (I think it’s how fast it happens, which means your getting what you want faster!)
I can also get you any of the other Senegence products that you love, or just want to try! Plus, mention this post and get 10% off your total order and FREE shipping.

2. Tula Purifying Face Wash. Again, a holy grail product that I love. It will last you over a month and your skill will feel amazing. You also get a discount if you have it on auto-delivery.

3. A pom-pom hat. Mine is from Vineyard Vines from last year’s winter collection. However, I was browsing the Mark and Graham website and found this adorable monogramable one!

4. Yeti or S’well bottle. Y’all, you need just as much water in the winter as you do in the summer. Sometimes even more because the air isn’t as humid. Plus, you can’t pass up Lilly Pulitzer x S’wells new addition. Please keep in mind that if you see a different color online somewhere and it’s not on the Yeti website, that means someone is powder dipping it and isn’t an official Yeti product-which also means Yeti doesn’t have to stand behind it.

5. Fisherman’s Sweater. I adore these. I buy a new one every year because they’re cute, warm, and you can wear them in so many different combos. Wear it with a sweater, jeans, cords, as a second layer: the possibilities are endless!

What are your top 5 winter must haves?



Favorite Makeup Products

Hi Y’all,
I kept thinking about what I wanted this post to be about, and after trying two different ones, I finally found this idea: my favorite makeup products.
I’m so picky when it comes to makeup. My skin is sensitive in the fact if it doesn’t like the product it will break out. I’m also allergic to beeswax, so I can’t use certain products (like Burt’s Bees).
A little bit over a year ago, one of my friends started selling Senegence cosmetics.
I fell in LOVE!
It’s perfect if you’re a teacher or just a busy gal in general.

They have a wide range of products, but are most known for their LipSense product. It’s long lasting lip color. When I say long lasting, I mean anywhere from 4-18 hours! And, they’re a great price point too. I’ve personally had LipSense last through an entire holiday meal and the rest of the day’s festivities.

However, my favorite product is actually their lip balm.
This Lipbalm can be use anytime, anywhere. It helps prevent chapping, and restores lip tissue. At $20 its definitely a little pricey in comparison to other lip balms, but I will tell you a tube of this will literally last for 3 to 6 months depending on how much you use it.

Leave a comment below or message me on Instagram if you’re interested in placing an order before the holidays!


Friday Five

Hi y’all,
I’m so excited to introduce the first Friday Five!

Since I’m not planning on posting but three days a week, I don’t want to only do weekly type posts. However, I do want to make sure y’all know what I’m loving every week. One goal of mine is to have 1 piece per brand. Its no secret I love certain brands; however, I want to make sure I’m sharing the love.

1.Day Designer by Blue Sky Planner | I made the mistake of not buying a new planner because I thought the academic planner would no longer be important to me. I was wrong. The academic planner is a necessity (especially as a teacher). I definitely plan on doing a post about how I organize my planner soon.

2. Amazon FireStick | I bought this during Prime Day because my room doesn’t have an ethernet connection and prior to the FireStick that was the only way I was going to get Netflix/Amazon Prime on my tv (it would go through my Blu-Ray Player). I’m so glad I bought this and I’ve used every day since I got it!

3. I Have Cool Friends Podcast | This is a podcast hosted by Olympic and UCLA gymnast Samantha Peszek. Every week she has one of her cool friends come on and shares a little bit about their insight into the sport of gymnastics and often life in general. I have already learned so much! I also never thought I would like listening to things like Podcasts; however, I really enjoy this one. If you have recommendations for others, leave them below!

4. Beachbody on Demand | This isn’t exactly one product; but a whole series of workout programs that you can do wherever and whenever you want. There are tons of coaches out there (I’m not one, but I’ll give you my coach’s info if you send me a message!). I plan on doing a whole post on workouts/exercising very soon.

5. Swagbucks and InboxDollars | As you all know, I’m a teacher and I have some pretty lofty goals. In order to make them happen, I’m pretty focused on making money however I can. In addition to my second job, I also have accounts with Swagbucks and InboxDollars. While they don’t bring in a ton of extra cash, it really does help out!

What is your Friday Five?