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At-Home Workouts

At-home workouts. Y’all, I will be the first person to say I’m a big believer in at-home workouts. I know everyone is different. Some need the routine of going to the gym. Others love their specific niche workout class. I love spin and riding horses, two things I currently can’t do at home. I’m keeping my eye out though for a good spin bike at a reasonable price.

I’m currently not working out due to my knee issue. I just had an MRI and am still waiting to hear back from the doctor on what to do next.

If you want to try your hand at some different at-home workouts, here are some of my favorites.

Check out these Fitness Instructors

  1. Chase Willman | First, I aspire to be as happy as Chase is! Chase was a barre instructor at Flywheel Sports in NYC. When the pandemic shut down the studio, Chase started doing her own workouts from her hometown on the Cape. Chase uses different weights (ankle weights, small hand weights, a pilates ball, and bands) to help you get toned. I love the ease of attending one of her classes (just sign up on her website!). I found Chase through Gretchen Geraghty. Gretchen is dating Chase’s brother, Max (a pro hockey player). Chase loves to get to know the people she’s working out with. I love how she makes connections and friendships! I highly recommend you take a class from Chase, you will only thank me and yourself afterward! If you want to see what a class with Chase would be like, check out this youtube video she posted. Chase also gives a ton of options and will work with injuries and your needs! Since her classes are life, there is more flexibility for things like that. While her classes aren’t free, they are worth EVERY penny. She typically offers classes twice a day in the morning, and I believe she takes Sundays off. Sometimes, you might even get a pop-in visit from Brody, the Golden Retriever!
  2. Caroline Jordan | Caroline has a unique spin on the fitness industry. The goal for Caroline is movement as medicine: get your body moving to heal itself. She dealt with a foot/ankle injury and was struggling to get better. Caroline creates low-impact workouts for people who are working their way back from injury or just working on their fitness level. As someone who has dealt with random foot injuries, I cannot thank Caroline enough for creating these workouts! Caroline’s chair cardio classes are great and are super low impact. You can pay for Caroline’s classes via Patreon or you can take free classes on her youtube channel.
  3. Cassey Ho/Blogilates | Y’all know I have been raving about Cassey for years. I started doing her workouts back in college on my dorm room floor! Cassey is so energetic and positive and will make everything hurt after all those little lifts! Cassey has a beginner calendar and a monthly calendar. I suggest you do the beginner calendar for the first month. She also has her own app now! You typically do not need a lot of stuff for Cassey’s workouts, which is a huge bonus.
  4. Kayla Itsines | I’m going to be honest with you, Kayla’s workouts are intense. I’ve heard that she’s toned down the beginner plan after going through endometriosis surgery and having a baby. However, I have not personally done that one so I cannot tell you anything about it. Her workouts tend to need a lot of equipment, but you can find makeshift options around your house (like your own stairs for a step). Sometimes, it feels like you need a whole gym, though! Kayla also does not have many free full workouts. Unfortunately, you pretty much have to pay for the Sweat app to get much out of her workouts. The Sweat app is pretty expensive (or at least it used to be), so check into that before committing.

Hope this helps you plan your next at-home workout!



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