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Fitness & Health Update

Hi y’all,

Fitness/health update is here! For those of you that don’t know I try to do some sort of physical activity every day. I crushed my apple watch goals in May. I achieved the May award, and closed my movement ring every day except 5 days of the whole month. One of those days I was 2 calories away from closing it.

Even though I’ve been pretty dedicated with working out. I did a few workouts from 80 Day Obsession, 2 weeks of Barre Blend (both from Beachbody), and I just started Morning Meltdown with my friend, Lili. We’re doing this program together so hopefully we will complete it! Disclaimer: Not a Beachbody coach, I just like the workouts.

I’ve talked about working out in vlogs and this post and here. It’s definitely something I’m putting as a higher priority in my life this summer, as I am focusing on Grad School, without anything else to do until my retail job opens back up.

I can now walk for about 30 minutes straight without being totally out of energy. I’m going to try walking earlier in the day so the Virginia humidity doesn’t make me feel horrible. Where I walk it’s constantly a HIIT workout because there are hills. I also noticed when doing Beachbody workouts I feel like I can do two-a-days without completely dying. I definitely did several two-a-days when I did Barre Blend. 80 Day Obsession workouts are longer (about 45 minutes to an hour each) so I never experimented with those.

Now comes the shocker: absolutely zero results. Nothing has changed.

I realized though that I haven’t been doing certain things. I take two different daily supplements to help with bloating and some other digestive issues I have, and I realized I haven’t been consistently taking them. I also realized that I am pretty much living in a constant state of dehydration. Even though I always have water with me, I rarely-if ever- drink enough water to actually be hydrated.

This month, I’m focusing on staying consistent with workouts and drinking water, along with taking my supplements every day.

What goals do you have for your health and fitness?



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Fitness, lifestyle

Top Tips to Handle Anxiety During Social Distancing

Hi y’all,

Happy Wednesday! We’re halfway through another week.

Staying inside or away from other people is often not easy. Humans are meant to be social, even if you’re an introvert (like me!). This might mean that right now you have more anxiety than you normally would.


  1. Read a book-take some time and slip away into another world. You can check out this post for some suggestions on inexpensive/free books!


  1. Go for a walk/run. Even though some trails, school tracks, and gyms are closed, you can still go for a walk or run around the neighborhood, city streets, etc.


  1. Even if you just have some cans of beans, do some simple weight lifting moves-squats, lunges, bicep curls, etc. Any form of exercise naturally gives you endorphins and endorphins are the hormone/chemical in your body that leads to natural happiness.


  1. Take some time and journal about what is making you anxious. It can really help to write it down because you might just go “wow, this is nothing”.


  1. Watch an uplifting youtuber or tv show. I’ve been loving Gretchen Geraghy and Gracie O’Connor. I have also kept the Harry Potter movies going constantly. Yes, Harry Potter can be very dark/dramatic, but it overall has very positive themes.


  1. Draw/Color. Google color pages, print it off, and color! Coloring is proven to reduce anxiety and stress. There are even apps for it on your phone.


  1. Plant a garden. If you can order plants via the phone and do a safe pick up, take the time to plant a garden! Not only will it help you in the moment, but will last for months to come as the plants bring happiness and fulfillment as they grow! My succulent terrarium has now been successfully alive for 4 weeks and they bring me so much happiness. While 4 weeks might not seem like a lot, I don’t have a green thumb and this is actually really impressive for me.


  1. Organize! Especially with COVID-19 going on, a lot of things are out of our individual control. Take control of what you can, and organize where you live! You can find some tips here.


  1. Cook or bake. Find a new recipe and try it out! You’ll find that your concentrating more on what you’re making compared to what makes you feel anxious.


  1. Talk to a friend. Pick up the phone, set up a Zoom call, etc. and make a human connection with a friend. As a teacher, I have read aloud twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), but I then have additional meetings scattered throughout the week. Those interactions help so much! I also make sure to text my two best friends at least once a day. Even if they don’t reply that day (which happens a lot-they’re both super busy working in the healthcare industry right now), it still makes me feel better.


  1. “Window” shop online. Take a break and browse your favorite retailers’ websites. You don’t have to buy anything (if it’s tempting, put it in your cart, close out the browser-if you’re still thinking about it/it’s still available the next time you visit the site, buy it then). FYI, some retailers are not updating or releasing new items right now because of restrictions on shipping.


  1. Start a new hobby! Wanted to start a blog? Wanted to start writing a book? Youtube channel? Now is a great time to get started! I have a trial to skillshare, so I’m going to take some classes there before my Summer Term for grad school starts. Skillshare is a website where you can take different classes on different skills-like Search Engine Optimization, video editing, photo editing, etc. There are even classes on embroidery! This blog post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share about Skillshare in case you wanted to learn a new skill with a 2 month free trial!


  1. Have a movie marathon. Pick your favorite series of movies (like Harry Potter) and spend some time just watching them all!


  1. Do yoga. There are a ton of great yoga options on Youtube and a lot of local studios are offering virtual classes. You can also try meditating. There are a ton of great meditation apps.


  1. Spend time outside. Put on some sunscreen (no joke, I’ve already had my first sunburn of the year) and spend some time outside. You can workout outside, read your book outside, or just sit outside and enjoy nature.


There are also some great tele-therapy services going on right now, many of which accept insurance!

I do want to check in with y’all! How are y’all doing?



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Daily Walk + Trails in Virginia

Hi y’all,

It’s no secret I love a good walk. In fact, my daily walk is one of the few things that keeps me sane when I can’t go to the gym or cycle class at Zoom.

While Beachbody workouts are great, and I truly enjoy doing them. Plus, there are tons of alternative options on Youtube, on Obe Fitness. However, sometimes I don’t want to do a guided workout. Instead, I go for a walk.

It’s no secret my weight has fluctuated over the years. Besides a good Beachbody workout, the best workout I have found to help me tone up is a good walk. I live in central Virginia, so it’s rather hilly no matter where you go. Depending on fitness level, this can be more of a pain than a good thing.

Daily Walk + Trails in Virginia.png

I tend to walk for 30 minutes a day. I simply put on tennis shoes and plug in my headphones. I alternate between my iTunes playlists/recently purchased and Amazon Music for Prime members. Occasionally, I listen to podcasts, but if I go any faster than a walk I feel like I miss out on information. I’m a big fan of these podcasts: Gretchen Geraghty’s Happy Hour Podcast, Samantha Peszek’s I Have Cool Friends, and Living Fully with Mallory Ervin.

I started daily walks when I was in college. Newport News is relatively flat, which was so nice! I had been injured in high school (sprained foot) and still felt some pain. I rode horses on the equestrian team and knew I needed to stay in shape. At this point, I was still struggling with the idea of lifting weights and had no desire to do extra strenuous cardio like running. Cycling was not a thing yet (especially in Newport News). In my first year, in January I got really sick and ended up gaining a ton of weight (like 30 to 40 pounds). It took a while, but I finally managed to get it off the weight I had gained. In February of my junior year, I ended up spraining my foot…again. This was horrible. I ended up in a walking boot for 3 months. From the walking boot, I went to a stirrup split. I wore the split for another 3 plus months. When I got back from studying abroad in London, I started PT and it finally started to get better. I learned a lot about my body during PT (like how an undiagnosed spine issue was part of why I kept spraining my foot). I had also picked up those 30 pounds again. After months of working out (and learning to like both cardio and weight lifting), I managed to lose the weight again. After graduating from college, I worked in retail. I kept the weight off. When I shifted to working as a teacher’s assistant and being a full time student. I gained back some of the weight. I joined a gym and started working out for 3 plus hours a day. I do not recommend this method. It was hard and time consuming. I constantly felt like my body was being pushed to its limit. I was eating almost nothing (scrambled eggs for breakfast, a Lunchable for lunch and a small dinner). However, since we switched to distance learning with the COVID-19 outbreak, it has been easier to get in my daily walk, and I’ve already noticed a difference, even with keeping everything else the same! I know I need consistency so I am sure I will continue to see the difference.

I’m fortunate that I have some property available to me (aka my parents’ property) where I can walk undisturbed for an extended time. It’s got the hills (not my favorite), but hills are great for added toning and weight loss. Hills or any interval training helps spike the heart rate. Spikes or increases in your heart rate are what help aid fat loss.

Walking on flat ground is still good for you! If your goal is fat loss, I would suggest doing some speed intervals of a slower pace and speed walking.

If you do not have immediate access to property where you can walk there are tons of trails in Virginia! Make sure to check on websites to make sure they are open.


Central Virginia Trails

Preddy Creek Trail (Greene County)

Monticello-Saunders Trail (Albemarle County near Monticello)

Humpback Rock (Blue Ridge Parkway)

Crabtree Falls (Nelson County)

Spy Rock (Nelson County)

Blackwater Creek Trail (Lynchburg)


Southern Virginia Trails

Noland Trail (Newport News, near Christopher Newport University and the Mariner’s Museum)

Virginia Creeper Trail (Abingdon)

New River Trail (Abingdon)

High Points Trail (Abingdon)

High Bridge State Park (Rice)

*tons of walking areas around Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown


Northern Virginia Trails

Great Falls Park

Billy Goat Trail (technically in Maryland)

Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail (McLean)

Lake Thoreau Loop Trail (Reston)

Turkey Run Park (McLean)

Raven Rocks (Bluemont)

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail (technically in Maryland)


Virginia is also one of the states on the Appalachian Trail. There are tons of little day hikes you can do.

For a more comprehensive list check here.

What’s your favorite way to workout? Would you give walking a try?



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