Bachelor Season 24: The 4th “Drama” Filled Rose

Hi y’all,

If you haven’t caught up on this episode of The Bachelor, let me save you 2 hours of your life:
Peter goes on a one-on-one with Victoria F. They go flying, to Cedar Point amusement park, and to a….Chase Rice concert. Awkward considering Victoria F. used to date Chase Rice. Then, Peter went on a group date with everyone except Victoria F. and Kelsey. For the group date, they play football. Football goes alright. The real story comes when Alayah comes back to tell the truth to Peter. I’m still not entirely sure what the truth of all of these situations is. Peter ends up giving a rose to Alayah and welcoming her back to the group. Alayah starts some drama (shocker), and tells all the girls on the group date that Victoria F. used to date Chase Rice. This causes more drama. Then, Peter goes on the one-on-one with Kelsey. The Rose Ceremony will be on next week’s episode.

Before going into my thoughts on this week’s episode, make sure to read what I’ve said about episodes 1-3:

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My thoughts:

> I genuinely feel bad for Chase Rice. First off, he told Victoria not to go on the show. She went anyway. Obviously, she did not actually care for Chase because he wanted to be with her! I know the producers did some digging to make this super awkward for Victoria, but Chase should not have had to be dragged into all this. I feel bad that he had to stand there and talk to Peter and be like “I have no clue who this girl is” when both Chase and Victoria knew the background to her coming on the show, and how Chase asked her not to go. Again, I feel way worse for Chase in this situation than Victoria. I also feel bad for Peter, but he handled it like a champ (at least from what we saw). I do think that Victoria should have been more honest with Peter…maybe tell him I broke up with him to be here. Leaving out how recent the relationship ended is going to cause some problems, especially since all the girls that are left now know about the previous relationship.

> Alayah is manipulative; however, the other girls aren’t telling the whole truth either. Obviously Victoria had not told Peter the whole truth originally about Alayah (turns out, Victoria and Alayah really did hang out in Vegas).

> I truly believe that these girls are there for the fame after the show. I am not really seeing any girl that is solely on the show for the purpose of finding love. Which is horrible for Peter, because it is so painfully obvious that he is on the show for love. Plus, he hasn’t taken an endorsement deal yet and this is the prime time to start taking them. I’m sorry Victoria, if you were already dating Chase Rice before the show, besides fame, I cannot think of another reason you would want to be on The Bachelor.

> I get the girls were upset about Alayah coming back; however, they need to calm down. Keeping in mind it really is a “competition” as far as these girls are concerned, they are focused on the wrong thing. Yes, Alayah should go home (again), but instead of comforting or talking to Peter, they are sitting in a room gossiping amongst themselves. This doesn’t help anyone.

> They need to start being less competitive, and they need to grow some feelings. I have not see any sort of true genuine feelings from these girls, except for dislike toward one another.

> The girls are (mostly) too young for him. Peter is in need of a more sophisticated girl, like one who has her life together. The majority of these girls do not have their lives together and it shows because they are constantly trying to out do one another.

My Predictions:

> Madison (thank you for being drama free!)

> Kelsey. Besides Champagne gate, we’ve been drama free recently.

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