Favorite Stay at Home Activities

Hi y’all,

With this stay-at-home order in place in Virginia until June 10th, I figured I better figure out some things to do. While I still have to give students lessons and get my own grad school work done, I still have a little more time on my hands than usual. After the next few weeks, I’ll have a month and a half until my next “semester” aka summer session of grad school starts.


Here’s how I’ve been occupying my time when I haven’t been studying or working:

  1. Harry Potter marathons. Bless you, USA and Syfy for having my back on this one. I also realized we never bought the last two (technically three) Harry Potter movies, so I ordered all 8 on Blu Ray (it was cheaper this way). If Harry Potter is not your thing (no judgment) find your favorite series and binge it.
  2. Start a blog or another hobby you’ve been meaning to start. I’ve had more time to write posts recently and I love it. I feel like I’m able to blog about things I want to especially since people do not want to spend as much money as usual. However, if you are still able to spend money, remember to shop local! I should probably use this time to figure out how to make my t-shirt quilt…that hasn’t even been started in the past 5 years (whoops!). Now is also a great time to knit.
  3. Play games or puzzles. When I went to my classroom a few weeks ago, I made sure to bring back Jenga so I would have something to do. Tons of my friends are doing puzzles to pass the time.
  4. Exercise. While I miss cycling terribly, I have been finding joy (and results) in a daily walk (when it’s not raining). I’ve also downloaded the Peloton app and have done a few workouts from that. I don’t have a cycle compatible bike at home, so I cannot do the cycle workouts. Of course, I’m doing Barre Blend on Beachbody as well.
  5. Cleaning. If you know me in real life, you know I hate cleaning. Like I will gladly write a 20 page paper over cleaning. In college, I would actually pay (aka buy her food or give her products that didn’t work for me) my roommate’s sister to clean my room for me. Oddly enough, if you give me enough boredom I will clean. Albeit, not happily.
  6. Catch up on volunteer/other obligations. As part of the Junior League, I’m on the PR committee. I’m finally able to spend quite a bit of time working on PR posts for Member Monday, something I’ve slacked on a little. I’m also able to put more time into helping start an alumnae association for my sorority.
  7. Painting my nails. I will forever pay for dip at the nail salon. I am not always super thrilled with press-on nails since I’m so picky about the length. Dip lasts for such a long time (over a month typically for me) and keeps my nails from breaking. I tend to be rather rough on my nails (a little less rough since I haven’t been riding) but I have a tendency to break my nails. I have a collection of nail polish though and it is getting some love while everything is closed.
  8. Cleaning out my email inboxes. Especially with grad school, I have found that all my email inboxes are constantly overwhelming. I know I should just delete and unsubscribe, but I find it hard to find time to do this. Luckily, I’ve been working on this and highly suggest it. My grad school email is currently the only one that is remotely taken care of at the moment, but one is better than none!
  9. Surveys and Money. I have found that I’m able to work toward earning more money through survey sites like Swagbucks and inboxdollars. While it makes take a little bit to earn some money, it’s relatively painless and you can do it by playing games, watching videos, and taking surveys. It’s nice that you can do it in spurts and it’s too time consuming in any one day.
  10. Explore new apps and books. I have loved getting a chance to see how some apps work (especially apps I’ve had for a while). I am also able to read more now than I ever have been since starting teaching. It has been so enjoyable to sit down with my iPad and just read. However, my newfound addiction to Yahtzee and my obsessive playing of bingo might actually be concerning.

What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments.



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