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Hi y’all,

We are seeing an uptick in people having a personal brand because of social media. Myself included.

I recently attended a webinar from my sorority about branding and PR for chapters and alumnae associations. However, everything I learned was very applicable to my blog. I did not take marketing classes in college because you had to be in the business school, which I definitely was not. My Communication classes often gave great inside into marketing and I learned so much about social media. They key to social media is that it is always changing. We see the algorithm continuously change on social media (think Instagram).

While I am not going to put together a full on brand/media book that was provided for the workshop I attended. I thought I would spend some time sharing what I envision my brand being.

Obviously, I am branding myself, so I started with thinking about who I am and how I portray that to the world. I decided to come up with adjectives that described myself:

authentic, loyal, kind, caring, calm, supportive, and passionate.

I then came up with the mission and vision statement for my brand.

Since I do not have a business degree and no next to nothing about what the difference between these two things are. After I did this research, I created my statements.

The mission of lindsey e martin is to provide a wealth of information in various life and style topics. This can include but not limited to, fashion, beauty, fitness, and teaching.

The vision of lindsey e martin is to increase awareness and knowledge in a variety of life and style topics.

I also put together a list of a core values, but they all ultimately boiled down to being authentic. I will never be someone who takes a sponsored post because it will make me money. I will never want to write a post because it is what other influencers and bloggers are doing. I will share posts that are important to me and that I value. Every single one of my posts is authentically me.

 Next, I thought about my audience. I’m in my mid-twenties, so I know my demographic is somewhere between 18-30. I know that realistically it’s more like 24-30. I do try to make content that is relevant to everyone in some way or another. Hence, why I share such a variety of things. I also know the majority of my audience are women.

Now the fun part (at least for me): colors and fonts! I adore pink and navy. It’s hands down one of my favorite combinations. The majority of my closet is made up of blue clothing. My college and sorority colors are blue and white/silver so I have a ton of options in that color palette even now. Plus, navy is a color that just works with my coloring. Pink is harder for me; however, I love when I can make it work. I added in grey and white to make sure I had actual neutrals to work with (even though as far as I’m concerned navy is a neutral). I also know that adore script fonts and their whimsicalness so they needed to be incorporated in some way. I love the way the fonts I chose work together and love that I can interchange if I need to.

I aim to share things that are bright and cheerful. I’m working on upping my photography game and actually having pictures taken of me. I try to use the pink shade as much as I can in the background to help create brighter image; however, the navy helps bring some nice contrast.

I’ve also upped my Instagram game and created multiple presets. I refuse to buy any presets because they are so easy to make yourself. When you create one yourself it is automatically personalized to your skin tone and every day needs. You know your environment best. You can mess around with them until you like it too. There is absolutely zero need to pay for a preset unless you just want to. I am definitely posting more on stories until I can get actual pictures of myself instead of what I’ve been posting.

Now, you’re probably going why on earth did Lindsey take the time to write this? Well, first and foremost I think it’s important that you know what the plan is for my corner of the internet and so that you know what you can expect when you visit. Second, I believe that this is a life and style blog and part of my life is an interest in branding. Third, if you want help with your brand, please reach out to me! I’d love to help at a minimal cost. The majority of it would be putting together a brand plan for you which you would then implement on your own. If you would like something else, we can personalize it to fit your needs. Please fill out the contact me page and I will be in touch with you!



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