Nine Potential New Member Sorority Recruitment Tips

Hi y’all!

August is quickly approaching, which for many means its back to school time. For college students elsewhere, it also means recruitment season is here!

My school did a spring recruitment (aka January); however, many schools, especially in the south, do recruitment in August and September.

If you’re going through recruitment, congratulations!

I went through recruitment in two different ways (both formal and the colonization process) and then on the sister side! I went through part of recruitment my freshman year spring, got sick and couldn’t finish. However, it worked out for the best because I got to join Alpha Delta Pi through the colonization process in September of my sophomore year.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Each house is different at every school. Did you hear about sorority XYZ at ABC University? Get that stereotype right out of your head. Every single house is different because different girls make up the chapter. I have friends that would tell me stories and my experience was nothing like theirs at all (not saying it was better or worse, just different!).

2. Think about what you need in a sorority. This is a process that is all about finding the right fit for you, much like college was. Don’t worry about where your best friend wants to go, because it might not be the right fit for you. Also, make sure during your conversations the house you like fits your needs. Otherwise, you won’t be happy. Most recruitment processes are turning to “needs based” recruitment, so you’ll learn more about that when you meet with your recruitment counselor.

3. Check you finances. Houses give their financial information out/it is “public knowledge” to you how much you’ll be paying. As a sister you have the financial obligation part too, and you need to make sure your able to keep that part up.

4. Dress your best. Look your best. There is absolutely no reason you cannot be presentable to every day. Now, each round requires different dress. Open House and Philanthropy rounds are much more casual than rounds later in the week.

5. Be active on campus. Get involved in something other than Greek life, or express interest in being involved in something else. Your sorority doesn’t it to be your whole life (I promise). Chances are, there will be someone in the sorority who is interested in the same thing and will be a great person to have a conversation with.

6. Get to know the houses on your campus. Especially if you have recruitment a little later (September or in the spring) you will have the opportunity to go to Panhellenic or sorority events that are focused on them getting to know you and vice versa. Take the time to go to these!

7. If your top choice drops you, it’s okay. Recruitment is a two sided process between you and the houses. If they drop you, they did it for a reason and you will find a home somewhere, somehow. It really all does work out for the best.

8. Have questions about recruitment? Ask them. No question is too silly. I was a first generation college student, and first generation Greek. I definitely had questions, and was more thankful when I asked them because others normally had the same questions.

9. Avoid talking about: Money (save this for your recruitment counselor), Alcohol, Politics, and Religion. When I went through recruitment, we talked about not talking about the 4B’s (Beer, Bucks, Barack, The Book). Now, if the conversation naturally heads that way it’s okay. For instance, if you’re talking to someone who goes to the same church as you and you talk about an event you both attended, that’s fine. Another example would be if you know someone had an internship with their senator and was wondering how the process worked, that’s okay too (and yes, things like that came up in conversation).

Now, my most important tip is a bonus one and definitely important to keep in mind.

10. Be you. Talk about things that are important to you. Talk about experiences you’ve had that impacted you in a positive way. During my last recruitment, I remember talking to a girl about her mission trips and how she truly believed in serving others. That girl later went on to be a President of our chapter.

Are you going through recruitment? Let me know! If you want more advice, shoot me an email!


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