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    Best Purchases of 2022

    Hi y’all, I know it’s been a hot minute since my last post. However, I’m really excited because I have a posting schedule made for 2023! I’ve started to focus on my content calendar for 2023. I want social media (Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube) to be more manageable. For now, I’m so excited to share my best purchases of 2022. But, it wouldn’t be a best purchases of 2022 post without some of the worst. I keep seeing Youtube videos of these. However, I can only manage about 1 youtube video a week (thanks to country wi-fi). Before we get into the purchases, if you’re ever curious about things I like,…

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    Spring Outfits 2022

    Spring is just around the bend and I love spring outfits! I will need someone to remind me that I do not have any vacations planned any time soon (and a graduation to plan for!). However, styling spring clothes is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love styling different pieces to make them super versatile and pieces I can use over and over again. While I know I can eventually sell clothes, I also want to make sure that I get my money’s worth and that I use items multiple times. Spring Outfits Styled for You Martine Lileeze Dress ($228) paired with Havainas ‘You’ Flip Flop ($42)…

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    Reselling Tips

    Reselling tips are in hot demand as people continue to clean out homes and are trying to find a way to get their items new homes. I’m one of them. I have so many clothes that I just don’t wear anymore. This is an excellent way to help out your financial situation and create some extra income. Reselling also gives you an opportunity to take fast fashion and make it more sustainable. There are also people who no longer buy products first hand, and will only buy from these “second hand’ sites. You will often find items for much less than original retail cost but still in fantastic condition. Reselling…

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    Shop Til You Drop | Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Week Purchases

    Shop until you drop or can’t click anymore! I wanted to share my purchases from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale week. I’m definitely still waiting on things to come in, and that’s fine-I’ll review the things I have, and let you know if I’m still waiting on them if they haven’t shipped yet. Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies (hence, a blog on style), and I’m so glad I get to share these with you! Teleties | I bought the small size tortoise and coconut white hair ties and then I got the tortoise headband. I’ve never had one of their headbands before and I’m super excited to try…

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    Lilly Pulitzer Resort Wishlist

    Lilly Pulitzer has dropped their first resort (aka winter) release of the year! I absolutely love shopping at Lilly, and I have loved it since I was a mini (sorry mom and dad). For once, Lilly has done some items in *red*. I honestly cannot remember a time that Lilly has done red. However, I am here for it! Onyx is also back with a ton of great options. Most of the year, Lilly holds true to navy being the neutral of choice; however, onyx comes back in the late fall into the resort season. Luxletic Monica Skort | I don’t know what it is with golf skirts, but I’m…

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    Fall Fashion

    It’s October! I literally could not be more excited for fall fashion to finally be weather appropriate. Supposedly, we’re going to have a warmer than normal October, but that isn’t bumming me out too much. When I’m looking at pieces to purchase for fall, I’m looking at pieces I can wear for years. I don’t want to participate in fast fashion, and that is one of the easiest ways to prevent falling into the trap of fast fashion. My favorite pieces are ones that are versatile and things I can wear for multiple seasons and year after year. I pulled together these items because of they fit the bill! I…

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    Spring Transition Outfits

    Hi y’all! It’s that time of the year again where we need transitional outfits from winter to spring. Especially here in Virginia where it can go from being 30 degrees in the morning to 55 or higher by the afternoon. Add in getting all four seasons in a day (no joke, it really happens), picking an outfit for the day can be tricky. Y’all, spring is in the air, and I love spring fashion. I love how transitional it is, meaning I can still wear some of my favorite winter pieces, but include warmer weather attire as well. I found all of these items at Loft, but I’m sure you…

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    Lilly Pulitzer Spring Fit Guide {Feb. 2 Release}

    Hi y’all, The first Spring release is in stores and online for Lilly Pulitzer! This is always exciting, because this means spring is on the way! Lilly Pulitzer typically does a release every two weeks during the Spring and Summer seasons, and about a month apart for Fall and Resort. I took the time to try on a few items in store, and here are my thoughts on the fit: 1. Daise Stretch Maxi DressI am a big fan of Lilly’s stretch dresses. They fit true to size. Of course, this is a maxi so I would need to hem it (I’m 5’2″ for reference). 2. Micole Maxi DressAnother one…

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    Lilly Pulitzer Resort Release

    Hi Y’all, As I mentioned in my APS post, I’ve been a Lilly lover since I was a wee one. Well, yesterday was Lilly’s last resort release. This means Spring is coming! I’ve picked a few pieces from this release that I love. This release is full of purple/light lilac which is often not my best color, but this collection is stunning. 1. Dillon Pullover || This was a must have item for my closet. I can honestly say I have nothing like it in my closet. Plus, it goes perfectly with leggings and jeans. This fits very true to size. 2. Short Sleeve Bay Dress || I LOVE the Bay…

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    Spring Arrivals

    Hi y’all, I think everyone thinks winter is going to last forever at this point; however, we’re less than a month out from the first official day of Spring! Here are a few of my fashion picks for springtime: 1. The Kelby Stretch Shift Dress 2. Painted Shells Wrap Dress 3. Softserve V-neck Tee 4. Striped Sankaty Madaket Tee Dress xx,LindseyInstagram | Pinterest