2020 Goals

Hi y’all,

Happy New Year!

I do not have a cute title for this post, simply because it is all about my goals for 2020!

I am not one for setting resolutions because they are typically not achieved.

Goals are something that are achievable because you outline how you’re going to reach them.

1. Say ‘No” more. I honestly am the “yes girl”. I have got to start saying no.
How? I’m going to pick and choose who I spend time and put my energy into relationships that mean something. It also means saying I have other commitments.

2. Save money. My car is getting older (and more miles) and I’m also paying for grad school entirely by myself. While I am fortunate enough to be able to save money so that it is possible to do this, I want to make sure that I can continue to do this. My steps for this one was to create a budget. I took out money for gas, money for grad school, and split the rest in half. Half will be my savings and the rest is what I am able to spend in a given month. I also picked up a part time job which will help a little bit. The on thing I will really need to work on is logging when I spend money into the Google Sheet I created. I’m thinking I’m going to make it a part of my routine every night.

3. Increase my social media presence. I used to always be so on top of social media. With a full time job, school, etc. social media has fallen a little to the wayside. Even my teachergram is practically nonexistent.  I want to post at least 3 times a week, and not just about blogging.

My (hopefully) non-year short term goal is to clean my room. While I am 100% a type A, enneagram 1, having a clean room is one of the things I notoriously fall short of cleaning my room and keeping it clean.

I’m going to do a check in every month or so about how my goals are going since that is the best way to stay accountable and keep on track with goals.

What are your goals for 2020? Leave them below in the comments, I’d love to hear from y’all!


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Financial Planning for the New Year

Hi y’all,

Since it’s the beginning of the year, it’s time to get finances in order! I have been really thinking about my financial goals. They have changed slightly, and that’s okay!
Now, please keep in mind, I am no financial expert by any means.

My LONG long term goal is to buy a house. This was my original goal for this year; however, with interest rates only becoming higher, now is not the best time. However, I can keep saving my money and working toward this goal because the interest rates won’t stay this high (or even higher) for long.  In fact, if you look at patterns, major election years (typically Presidential elections, the interest rates drop because of uncertainty in the market).

My shorter long term goal is to get a puppy, an apartment, and pay for my master’s degree. I am so proud to say that I have yet to take a loan out for school and I would love to keep that going! I currently do live at home while I save some money (I put all my money into school while I was working on my teaching license). However, I put aside a little from each paycheck to be able to afford an apartment in the near future. This is the same for the puppy. If you know me, I’ve been talking about a puppy since before I graduated college. This is THE goal of the year (besides getting admitted to grad school-fingers crossed). However, unlike with grad school, I completely control getting a puppy.

How am I accomplishing these goals?

First, I semi-dumped the brick and mortar bank. I still have a savings account and credit cards with one; but I basically use it for transactions that I need to do over the counter, like depositing cash. I also deposit any checks using mobile banking through this bank so that I am only making one transfer to my online bank. An online bank offers higher interest rates because they are not funding buildings and staff like a brick and mortar bank. My brother switched to it first, and I did while I was student teaching. Now, I’m so thankful! I earn so much in interest every month which is such a nice bonus. I also opened a credit card and checking account with my online bank.

Paying attention to where my money goes. This is by far one of the hardest things for me. Especially since I use a credit card for 99% of my purchases. However, I have recently started using the “wait a few days” rule. If you’re still thinking about the item 48 hours later (or 2 days), pull the trigger.

Use Ebates, Swagbucks, Ibotta, etc. for extra savings. I love using Ebates and Swagbucks. I find Ibotta is harder for me to use because I don’t always buy the items that they are offering deals on. However, Ebates and Swagbucks are hands down two of my favorite things on the internet. I get savings by doing simple things. Swagbucks by taking surveys and watching videos. I can also earn by shopping, but I always choose the higher percentage cash back between Swagbucks and Ebates.
The one downfall to Ebates is that they only pay quarterly (but it does mean you get more in a chunk).

I don’t do invenstments through apps; however,  I do own stock and have a 401 K hybrid plan through my school system.

Financially planning/budgeting is also key. I have to budget, and right now the largest part of my budget every month is gas (I typically have to fill up once a week).

How are you financially planning for 2019?



Planning for the New Year

HI y’all,
I’m really trying to get back into my planning kick. You see, I was always super organized when it came to school (during Undergrad and before). With real life, I find that I rarely open my planner and then miss things or have to re-organize my day based on that. I don’t like using a digital planner/calendar. I often just use them to find out when I have something (like my observations or other school important things) and then transfer it to my Day Designer by Blue Sky. Then, I make the ultimate mistake: I don’t open my planner again.

I think this is happening for a few reasons:
I printed out calendars for a few months to lay out my planning/pacing for school. I never wrote these dates down anywhere else, and reference the papers whenever I need to look at the calendar for where I need to be.

I don’t have a spot where I leave my planner. I typically just leave it in my school bag all day, which eliminates the purpose!  I’m trying to make a point to use my teacher table (I don’t have a desk, just a kidney table where I sit along with a few students). If it’s not even out where I can see it, when am I going to use it?

I’m not dedicating time to it like I used to. I used to write things down at the beginning of every semester or whenever the teacher/professor gave the information. I definitely need to get this habit back!

So, to change my planning to make it better than 2018, these are the things I’m doing:

-Color coding. Please excuse my major type A personality here, but color coding is my jam! In my education classes, the professors always made comments about my pens but let me tell you, they are life savers! I know just by looking at the color what the activity/assignment is for.

-Taking time each week to look at my planner on Sundays. This way, I know what is coming up for the week. I have both a weekly and daily view, so I will have to look at both; but at least I know what’s coming.

-Not over scheduling myself. I was trying to get a lot done this fall. I was taking a trial class (a trial for myself!) at the local university to see if I liked their program/how the classes were taught before I put myself through the admission process (two classes and a paper). I’m also in the local Junior League and I’m now an adviser for UVA’s ADPi chapter! While, I love all of these things, I often over schedule myself for certain weeks. Luckily, I planned strategically, because I knocked out most of my junior league stuff this past fall.

-Schedule every day. I bought a daily-monthly planner on purpose; yet, I am not utilizing the daily function like I should be.

How are y’all planning for this year?


New Year’s Goals

Hi y’all,
Happy 2019!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what my goals are for 2019. Notice, I did not use the word resolution. I dislike the word resolution because there is no means to an end with resolution; however, with a goal, you can break it down into the things you have to accomplish to reach that goal.

1. Get a puppy
How to accomplish getting a puppy?
-Stay up on my savings each month
-Move by Late May/Early June.

2. Be ahead with my planning for school.
-Plan at least a week ahead.
-Have copies made if applicable.
-Plan/make copies during planning (not before or after school).
-Stay organized.

3. Be fitter.
-Workout 3x a week (use Beachbody account).
-Drink at least 64 oz. of water every day.
-Eat healthier.

What are your goals for this year? How are you accomplishing them?


101 in 1001 Update

Hi y’all,
Here’s an update on my 101 in 1001!
I managed to accomplish a few things (about 20) since I last did a check-in in July.
Start: January 1, 2017
End: September 29, 2019
  1. Finish my teaching program November 2017
  2. Student Teach August-November 2017
  3. Get my teaching license December 2017
  4. Get a teaching job/contract July 2018
  5. Pass my tests to become a teacher January 2017
  6. Attend a professional conference
  7. Start my master’s degree
  8. Learn CPR 5.5.17
  9. Set up a virtual file for Word Study August 2017
  10. Copy some math handouts November 2017
  11. Update my resume November 2017
  12. Keep a journal during practicums  March-April 2017
  13. Keep a journal during student teaching August-November 2017
  14. Organize my own classroom August 2018
  15. Google Educator Certification August 2018
  1. Save $5000 November 2018
  2. Get a puppy
  3. Read 32 books (1 for each month)-total complete: 32 November 2018
  4. Take a trip November 2017
  5. Attend my sorority’s 5th year anniversary celebration November 2017
  6. Unplug from technology for 24 hours
  7. Workout every day for 30 days
  8. Go back to London/UK
  9. Move into my own apartment
  10. Sell some of my old Lilly clothes/clothes I don’t wear
  11. Buy a new computer
  12. Watch a full baseball game
  13. Run a mile July 2018
  14. Finish a whole BeachBody program
  15. Attend a polo match
  16. Go apple picking
  17. Go ice skating
  18. Drink 70 oz. of water every day for a week 1.15.17
  19. Buy nothing for 30 days Feb. 2017
  20. Go on a hike July 2018
  21. Blog 5 days a week for a month
  22. Visit Charleston, SC
  23. Go to CNU’s Homecoming November 2017
  24. Celebrate my friend’s Medical School graduation
  25. Train my puppy to sit, come, stay, and lay down
  26. Take a trip alone
  27. Clean out my technology- computer, iPad, phone, and iPod August 2017
  28. Give to CNU March 2017
  29. Give to Alpha Delta Pi May 2017
  30. Frame my college diploma October 2018
  31. Clean my room
  32. Write a handwritten letter, that is not a thank you note
  33. Unsubscribe from all unwanted emails
  34. Get to inbox zero on all of my emails January 2018
  35. Make my bed every day for a week 1. 29.17
  36. Go one month without shopping Feb. 2017
  37. Make dinner with a friend
  38. Spend time with friends
  39. Learn to a shoot a gun
  40. Take a trip with a friend
  41. Work on my Spanish Started February 2017-use the app Duolingo.
  42. Have a puppy play date
  43. Take a day for myself
  44. Clean out my closet
  45. Go kayaking with a friend
  46. Take 5 minutes a day for myself for a month
  47. Visit a zoo
  48. Visit a new museum
  49. Clean my car myself August 2017
  50. Clean my bathroom once a week for a month Jan. 2017
  51. Dye my hair September 2018 (Highlights)
  52. Go camping
  53. Hold a plank for 3 minutes
  54. Clean out social media “friends” Jan. 2017
  55. Take my coins to the bank August 2018
  56. Buy myself flowers
  57. Watch a documentary 5.11.17 {On the Farm: Life Inside Angola}
  58. Go to a concert September 2018 (Concert for Cville)
  59. Spend time in a park
  60. Make my bed everyday for a month
  61. Do a 30 day exercise challenge
  62. Do PT exercises everyday for a month
  63. Get a new doctor June 2017
  64. Go to “Sunset Series” July 2018
  65. Try paddle boarding
  66. Have/go to a bonfire
  67. Watch the sunrise with someone
  68. Watch the sunset with someone August 2018 
  69. Have a day where I stay in bed all day
  70. Walk 30,000 steps in a day
  71. Plan outfits out for the next day the night before for a week August 2017
  72. Cook someone dinner
  73. Cook someone breakfast
  74. Organize jewelry Jan. 2017
  75. Binge watch a show I haven’t watched before July 2018
  76. Get my t-shirt quilt made of my sorority and college t-shirts
  77. Reach out to a sorority sister November 2017
  78. Have a rainy movie day with a friend
  79. Go to a fair
  80. Go to the beach
  81. Visit Harry Potter Studio Tour in England
  82. Have a picnic
  83. Pick up for 5 minutes a day for a month
  84. Go on a ghost tour
  85. Post to Instagram every day for a month
  86. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry. March 2018 (necklace from Kendra Scott)
*1 month= 30 days, 1 week= 7 days
**There really is 101, #15 repeated twice
Total Complete: 46/101
To Go: 55

Friday Five: August Goals

Hi y’all!

This week’s post is going to look a little different. Instead of doing some favorites, I’m focusing on five goals for August.

1. Limited spending. As a new teacher, I don’t get paid until the end of September so I’m in major need of budgeting.

2. Enjoy the start of my first school year. I’m really trying to think about the little memories and really participate in things.

3. Enjoy weekends. Since I have been working a majority of weekends for the past few years, I am really looking forward to enjoying weekends and doing things I want to do.

4. Wear different shoes. This is definitely different compared to the others, but I tend to wear the same pair of shoes every day and I have a closet floor full of shoes that need to be worn.

5. Do something with a friend. While I am super focused on school right now (teaching, not taking classes!) I am trying to remind myself I can spend time outside of the classroom, too. Luckily, I knew some of my co-workers, I am so excited to get to know more people and spend time outside of school with friends, too!

Do you have goals for this month? What are they?