What I Want in a Future Home

Hi y’all,

Happy August! I’ve been super busy finishing up my summer term classes and then cleaning up my brother’s old room to make it into my office.

My school district announced in mid-July that we would have in person classes 5 days a week for elementary school. Both my parents are high risk and we thought the best option at the time was for me to start looking at buying a house.

While this was a great opportunity for me to see what I liked and didn’t like in a future home, it ended up not being the best option for me at this moment in time (but I will say I will probably be looking to purchase my first home within a year).

I’m used to the construction world since my dad works in the industry (and has my whole life). My dad’s forte is custom homes. I have seen some of the most gorgeous homes and already knew a little bit about what I liked and didn’t like based on what other people had done in their homes. I also grew up in the “country”, by this I mean I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood.

  1. Storage space. Y’all it is my dream to have a walk in closet. I will 100% say I have a shopping addiction. It’s a serious problem. The house I grew up in has tiny closets, a tiny pantry, etc. I want storage space y’all. Oddly enough though, this does not mean I necessarily want a garage. I do not want a crawl space.
  2. Places to walk. I do not want to live in a neighborhood where I can’t go outside for a walk. This mostly means that I need to be in a safe location, which I’m not really considering anywhere that isn’t safe. One of the things I want to do for myself is get myself a dog when I finish grad school (next year!) so it will be important that I have space to let my dog out or take her out on walks.
  3. 3 bedrooms. Most of the homes I’ve looked at are 3 bedrooms and this is something I definitely want. I will probably use one as my office space and one as an actual guest bedroom.
  4. Granite countertops. Luckily, this is becoming a new norm and almost all new builds come standard with granite countertops (like Stanley Martin). Some are still an upgrade, but if I end up deciding to build, I will definitely pay for the upgrade for granite.
  5. Minimal carpet. Even though vacuuming is my preferred method of cleaning, I do not want a ton of carpet in my home.
  6. A porch. This isn’t something my house needs to come with because I know I can build my own/have my dad help me build one. However, having the space for it is important to me.
  7. Pool access. This would be great, but again I have a blow up pool I can use instead of a real pool.
  8. Low HOA fee. Y’all, some of these HOA fees are ridiculous. $200+ a month? No thank you. I really don’t want to pay more than $50 a month but depending on what I get with the HOA fee, I could be persuaded for a little bit more.

I definitely plan on vlogging the home buying process when I start looking next Spring/Summer. Especially if I end up building a home which is currently a possibility.



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