Workout Review: Obe Fitness

Hi, y’all!

With being socially distance, I’ve decided to work out more from home! I have definitely been trying out new places in town (like Zoom), but not everyone has access or the financials to pay for boutique studios.

I currently don’t have to work from home (this could change depending on how long we’re out of school), but I still have some grad school work to do. However, I still have time to get a workout in without leaving the house, which is awesome! As many of you now I love my Beachbody workouts. However, I know not everyone wants to do them.

Today, I downloaded the Obe Fitness app.

I did two classes: a vinyasa flow and express barre butt + legs. These classes were with two different instructors.

The flow class was definitely one that had been live and is now in their on-demand library. I did find it odd that the instructor was giving specific names of people as we worked out. Even in my workout classes, this is not typically what happens unless the instructor has formed a relationship with someone over months or years of practice together. I did like the class overall and the instructor focused on giving cues but kept saying it was your class, do what you need to do with the flow. However, it was a well put together flow and she went over the flow at least twice before leaving you to do your own thing. She did still give cues so you could follow the instructor if you wanted to. I definitely felt like I got a good yoga workout. According to my apple watch, I burned 120 active calories in a 30ish minute workout. My heart rate maxed out at 169 bpm.

The barre class was short (only 9 minutes). This was focused solely on the butt and legs. We spent the first few minutes of class doing plies with pulses and then we did leg lifts. This was obviously a very focused class. I will say since it was an express class there was no warm-up or cool down. The only other “express” class I’ve done is a cycling class at the YMCA, and it had a shortened warm-up and cool down, but still included them. This instructor was very focused on getting the workout in and done. She was not super focused on arms, which made sense for the class, but I’ve never taken a barre class without reminders to stay light on the barre.

There is no community within the app (that I could see); however, they do offer a Facebook group you can join. If you want a community; I would not suggest this app.

The cost: It’s $29.99 a month (or $200 with year’s subscription purchase). I do like how it breaks it down per day so you know how much you’re spending. Not too bad. Some influencers do have codes that they are sharing on Instagram. For reference, Peloton is $58 a month. My gym membership is $42 a month (very inexpensive for an all-inclusive gym). My class pass membership is $29 a month for 15 credits (3-4 classes a month).

Classes included: live classes (none in the afternoon from what I can tell, which is not useful for me as a teacher). Also, barre, yoga, dance, sculpt, express, pre, and postnatal, kid-friendly, meditation.

I do think that at times the music was too loud. During the yoga class, it was so loud I could barely hear the instructors voice.

Overall, my two critiques are that there aren’t enough live classes and the music can be too loud. However, it is a good price point and allows a lot of flexibility with so many on-demand classes. It was a good workout.

Have y’all tried Obe yet? What do you think?


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