101 in 1001 Update

Hi y’all,

I definitely did not complete as many as I thought I would have by now.

But here’s an updated 101 in 1001 for you…


Start: January 1, 2017

End: September 29, 2019


  1. Finish my teaching program November 2017
  2. Student Teach August-November 2017
  3. Get my teaching license December 2017
  4. Get a teaching job/contract
  5. Pass my tests to become a teacher January 2017
  6. Attend a professional conference
  7. Start my master’s degree
  8. Learn CPR 5.5.17
  9. Set up a virtual file for Word Study August 2017
  10. Copy some math handouts November 2017
  11. Update my resume November 2017
  12. Keep a journal during practicums  March-April 2017
  13. Keep a journal during student teaching August-November 2017
  14. Organize my own classroom


  1. Save $5000
  2. Get a puppy
  3. Read 32 books (1 for each month)-total complete: 25
  4. Take a trip November 2017
  5. Attend my sorority’s 5th year anniversary celebration November 2017
  6. Unplug from technology for 24 hours
  7. Workout every day for 30 days
  8. Go back to London/UK
  9. Move into my own apartment
  10. Sell some of my old Lilly clothes/clothes I don’t wear
  11. Buy a new computer
  12. Watch a full baseball game
  13. Run a mile
  14. Finish a whole BeachBody program
  15. Sell $300 worth of LipSense/SeneGence products
  16. Attend a polo match
  17. Go apple picking
  18. Go ice skating
  19. Drink 70 oz. of water every day for a week 1.15.17
  20. Buy nothing for 30 days Feb. 2017
  21. Go on a hike
  22. Blog 5 days a week for a month
  23. Visit Charleston, SC
  24. Go to CNU’s Homecoming November 2017
  25. Celebrate my friend’s Medical School graduation
  26. Train my puppy to sit, come, stay, and lay down
  27. Take a trip alone
  28. Clean out my technology- computer, iPad, phone, and iPod August 2017
  29. Give to CNU March 2017
  30. Give to Alpha Delta Pi May 2017
  31. Frame my college diploma
  32. Clean my room
  33. Write a handwritten letter, that is not a thank you note
  34. Unsubscribe from all unwanted emails
  35. Get to inbox zero on all of my emails January 2018
  36. Make my bed every day for a week 1. 29.17
  37. Go one month without shopping Feb. 2017
  38. Make dinner with a friend
  39. Spend time with friends
  40. Learn to a shoot a gun
  41. Take a trip with a friend
  42. Work on my Spanish Started February 2017-use the app Duolingo.
  43. Have a puppy play date
  44. Take a day for myself
  45. Clean out my closet
  46. Go kayaking with a friend
  47. Take 5 minutes a day for myself for a month
  48. Visit a zoo
  49. Visit a new museum
  50. Clean my car myself August 2017
  51. Clean my bathroom once a week for a month Jan. 2017
  52. Dye my hair
  53. Go camping
  54. Hold a plank for 3 minutes
  55. Clean out social media “friends” Jan. 2017
  56. Take my coins to the bank
  57. Buy myself flowers
  58. Watch a documentary 5.11.17 {On the Farm: Life Inside Angola}
  59. Go to a concert September 2018 (Concert for Cville)
  60. Spend time in a park
  61. Make my bed everyday for a month
  62. Do a 30 day exercise challenge
  63. Do PT exercises everyday for a month
  64. Get a new doctor June 2017
  65. Go to “Sunset Series”
  66. Try paddle boarding
  67. Have/go to a bonfire
  68. Watch the sunrise with someone
  69. Watch the sunset with someone
  70. Have a day where I stay in bed all day
  71. Walk 30,000 steps in a day
  72. Plan outfits out for the next day the night before for a week August 2017
  73. Cook someone dinner
  74. Cook someone breakfast
  75. Organize jewelry Jan. 2017
  76. Binge watch a show I haven’t watched before
  77. Get my t-shirt quilt made of my sorority and college t-shirts
  78. Reach out to a sorority sister November 2017
  79. Have a rainy movie day with a friend
  80. Go to a fair
  81. Go to the beach
  82. Visit Harry Potter Studio Tour in England
  83. Have a picnic
  84. Pick up for 5 minutes a day for a month
  85. Go on a ghost tour
  86. Post to Instagram every day for a month
  87. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry. March 2018 (necklace from Kendra Scott)

*1 month= 30 days, 1 week= 7 days


Total Complete: 32/101

To Go: 69

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