2021 Goals

2021 is here, which means it’s time for the New Year’s Goals!

2020 Goals

  1. Say “no” more. | I won’t say this was the most successful, but I definitely took some things off my plate. However, then I added some things back!
  2. Save money | This one was successful! I’m almost to my goal for savings for my house and I have saved almost enough to pay for my Master’s in full. I cannot recommend mint enough for helping someone saving money. While I understand Dave Ramsey’s points of putting all money toward debt and not enjoying {any}thing. I think it is important that we still do nice things for ourselves which sometimes means spending money. Every month wasn’t perfect. Especially when I had to start paying rent, buying my own groceries, and still saving for grad school.
  3. Increase my social media presence. | I was definitely the most successful with this in December than any other month. In December, I changed my blog to be self-hosted and started posting more on TikTok and Instagram. On top of that, I blogged consistently.
2021 goals


  1. Have more of a social life. | Granted, compared to 2020 this isn’t too difficult. Jokes aside though, I will be the first person to say I’m an introvert. However, this year, I realized that I do value relationships with people. I truly love having my best friends and that being the majority of my social circle. I also truly believe that my story is already written by God and there is a very distinct feeling that I’m getting that says it’s time for you to be social. While I don’t know what this is going to lead to, it’s definitely weighing on my heart (in a good way!).
  2. Have a steady social media presence. | 2020 was the year of increase (which definitely happened the most in December). However, I was not consistent throughout the year. I never want to put out content just to put out content.
  3. Finish grad school. | As of right now, I’m supposed to finish grad school in August. I’m hoping that this continues to be the case. If I can’t finish in August, I still shouldn’t finish any later than December.

Tips for Completing Your Goals

  1. Make them reachable. This means that they have to be accomplishable and that they can be measurable. For me, being more social is one of my goals. I can accomplish this by going out more and meeting new people. I can measure that by going out once a month. For grad school, it’s checking off the classes and other requirements I need to finish.
  2. Only make a few goals. If you have 10 goals, the likelihood of you finishing them all is slim. However, if you make 3-5 goals, you have a better chance of finishing them.
  3. Make them public so people can help you reach these goals. Especially if your goal can be affected by others (like if your goal is to lose weight yet your family eats when you’re together) you need to do this! For instance, my friends know I want to grow my blog and social media, so they talk about me on their accounts and when they learn a new trick they share it with me.

What are your goals for 2021?



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