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    A Weekend in my Life Vlog

    I took the time to film a few things on my snowy weekend in-just in time for it to (hopefully) snow again! I love creating vlogs for y’all, and it’s super fun when it’s a weekend without a lot going on. This week and weekend, I’m filming because I have a LOT going on. I can’t wait to share with y’all some exciting things coming up! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to always see the videos first.

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    Being Productive

    Being productive is one of the hardest things for me right now. I don’t know what it is: the weather, I’m tired, everything seems hard, the list goes on. It does not help there seem to be 10 million things going on at a time. This year, with teaching the way it is, everything takes longer to do. Just to upload one week of stuff to Canvas can take 3 hours for one subject (not ideal). Consequently, there have been tons of days where I want to sit and do absolutely nothing. However, I have to make sure my classes are ready, assignments are being graded, my UVA grad class…

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    A Week in my Life as a 5th Grade Teacher | Feb. 2021

    Join me for a week in my life as a 5th grade teacher! This year, school definitely looks a lot different due to protocols. However, in my district, elementary school is still 5 days a week. Families have the choice to be 100% virtual or 100% in person. Middle and High schools are either 100% virtual or hybrid (where they attend school 2 days a week and do virtual work 2 days a week). I’ve shared before what it’s like to be a teacher this year, and I’ve shared a video about it here. This year, instead of being departmentalized (where I would teach Language Arts and Social Studies and…

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    Eco Shirts for a Cause

    Y’all, my best friend, Lili, created these gorgeous eco shirts! Lili hand drew the plants, and it’s her handwriting on them! There are shirts for both plant moms and dads here. Added bonus: they are all made with environmentally friendly materials. I immediately ordered one as soon as I saw them and knew I had to share them here. Plus, every purchase goes toward a donation to an environmental nonprofit. Lili is super passionate about the environment. She’s starting law school in the fall with the goal of working in environmental law. Additionally, she’s served as Miss Virginia Earth, Miss Midatlantic Earth, and Miss North Carolina Earth in the Miss…

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    Things I Don’t Spend Money on Anymore

    Money is always a hot topic. Recently, I realized that I was not spending money on the same things as I have been in the past. Maybe this shopaholic is taking some of the advice I’ve been offering! Every new release at Lilly Pulitzer| Y’all I am a tried and true lifelong Lilly Pulitzer fan. I will be the first person to say that. However, I am not buying from every single release right now. Everything an influencer shares | I know I’ve shared my opinions on influencing here, and I do still think there are better influencers out there. There are only a handful of things I’ve tried from…

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    Real Estate: An Inside Look

    Real estate is changing fast! We’re currently still in a seller’s market (meaning that the seller can get pretty much whatever they want). I shared with y’all what Sadie had to say here and Belle added to it. Belle shared more about the inside look into real estate, particularly into what you need in a real estate agent. Before you even start reading, I’m going to go ahead and plug Belle’s email and Instagram. Belle is one of the sweetest human beings and is hands down one of the hardest workers I know. All information is from Belle unless it is under my personal experience. Belle’s Journey to Real Estate…

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    Owning Versus Renting

    Owning versus renting is a huge discussion these days. People are either all about renting or throwing their money into owning. It doesn’t even matter what it is: homes, cars, clothes. You name it, there is a discussion about it. While I am a big proponent of saving money, I also know it’s important to consider how you spend it. The Pros and Cons of Owning Pros: You’re building equity. Especially in things like homes, when you purchase it, you are continuing to build your financial portfolio and continue to build wealth. After you finish paying it off, no one can take it from you. This is huge. Especially if…

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    Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

    Valentine’s Day date ideas is always something that comes up. Whether it’s because plans are being made at the last minute or because you genuinely don’t know what to do. While there are tons of things to buy for Valentine’s Day, there is not always an impressive amount of date ideas. Everyone always seems to rely on the same old thing. With COVID and different restrictions all over the country, it’s hard to plan one thing. Some people can go out and about; others can’t. Date Ideas Cook a different meal together and watch your favorite movie | This way you keep something familiar (favorite movie) and mix it up…

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    Book Chat February 2021

    It’s time for a look at January’s books! You can find my last book chat here. I’m going to try and keep my goodreads account up to date this year, but no promises on that one. Colton (A Wild Man Novel) | Sky and Colton never thought they see each other again after that night in Colorado when they were teenagers. Fate suddenly brings them together, and neither can believe it. However, Sky and Colton are both running from different things. Can they work it out for true love? 5/5 stars. Y’all this book is everything. I loved every part of it. It’s got drama, it’s got love, it’s got…

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    Pinterest Marketing 2021 Update

    Pinterest can be your best friend when it comes to marketing your content as a blogger, youtuber, etc. Pinterest does one thing extremely well: change the algorithm. Boss Girl Bloggers, aka Ell, shared about the update here. I am still finding the most impression success using Story Pins. However, I do find some very slight success using video pins. I really started focusing on Pinterest in December because I had a 2 week break from school which to create a ton of content for Pinterest. My first week back to school left me more drained as I faced the hardest week of my teaching career to date. However, as you…