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    Summer Preparations

    Summer preparations: the time that every teacher dreads because it means taking care of a ton of stuff. Today is the last day of school. So weird! We managed to never close for an outbreak this year; however, it’s been so different. 5th grade moved to the middle school. I’m so glad I don’t normally teach middle school! It’s definitely something I could ever do. My middle school classroom is cleaned out and almost empty. I have just a few big things left. I don’t have to do my elementary classroom because other teachers and staff were using it. I’ve done a cleaning my classroom vlog before, but this year…

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    Flood day?

    Hi y’all, Something a little crazy happened last week. We had a flood day! I’m more used to snow days than flood days. My junior year of high school, we ended up having both when it snowed 3 feet twice, and the snow melted so fast between the storms that we had severe flooding. However, we managed to somehow get a flood day. Anna (my roommate) and I walked around in the afternoon to see some of the damage and flooding. We knew where some of the major flooding was and walked a different direction. Also, I will be the first person to say that teaching this year is so…

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    A Week in my Life as a 5th Grade Teacher

    Hi y’all, I posted a video to Youtube this week, and I wanted to make sure y’all saw it! Teaching in a pandemic is weird and I definitely wanted to show some insights. I obviously cannot film my students for privacy reasons. One thing that has changed is that we cannot meet as teachers in person. We have to meet via Zoom or another video chat service. This actually is a newer policy than most (it changed in October). Before, we could meet in our grade levels and now we always have to meet via Zoom. I’ll be doing some more videos similar to this coming up as well. If…

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    Book Chat: Children’s Books

    Hi y’all, You all seem to love my monthly book chats so I wanted to share with you some children’s books, too. As a Reading teacher, I absolutely love sharing new books with my class and I’m so glad y’all love to read as much as I do. These books were all assigned or I picked them for my Children’s Literature course I’m taking for grad school at UVA. I have finished all but 3 for the class, but I still wanted to go ahead and share them so if you wanted to request them for your classroom you had time to. Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearnace of Amelia…

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    Book Delivery

    Hi y’all, I wanted to do this as an unboxing on YouTube, but unfortunately my internet won’t allow that. Anyway, I got my books for the semester for Children’s Literature and I wanted to share with you what I’ll be reading over the next two months. Listen Slowly by Thanhha Lai “A California girl born and raised, Mai can’t wait to spend her vacation at the beach. Instead, she has to travel to Vietnam with her grandmother, who is going back to find out what really happened to her husband during the Vietnam War. Mai’s parents think this trip will be a great opportunity for their out-of-touch daughter to learn…

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    Cleaning my Classroom

    Hi y’all, As you know, schools nationwide are closed for the rest of the year. My school district recently got permission for us to come in and clean up our rooms for the end of the year. I went on Friday last week to clean up my room and prepare it for the normal summer cleaning. I went ahead and vlogged it. I definitely did a little more than usual (normally my kids clean out their own cubbies). [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBrV2cieQ2Y&w=560&h=315] Enjoy! xx, Lindsey Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube | Bloglovin’