The Best Books of 2020!

The best books of 2020 list is here!

Y’all know I love to read. If nothing else came out of 2020 I actually got to read more than ever before. Albeit, some of that came from the fact I took Children’s Literature and had to read multiple novels a week for the class.

I have been doing book chats to keep y’all up to date on what I’ve been reading and my thoughts on the books. Sometimes, I do just give summaries, especially if I think I’ll give too much away.

The Books

The best books of 2020.
The best books of 2020 continued


Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas | Ashley wants practically nothing to do with this wedding except it’s her twin sister’s wedding. And, the real reason isn’t who it’s between… it’s the fact she’s back in her hometown and everyone thinks she’s not over her ex. Can Ashley prove everyone wrong, especially the person who matters most?

The Cowboy’s Bride | Austin and Brooke do not get along. This is a fact everyone in their town knows. When life starts to get rough for them both, they have to figure out if they can put their pasts behind them. For one, it might be harder than the other because their entire life was altered by one simple decision made years ago.

Cooper: Charmed by the Cowboy | Cooper Presley messed up big time. He asked the wrong girl out, and now drama is all he hears. Then, Cooper meets the girl next door who just wants to run her farm in peace. Plus, she’s the perfect person when in a wedding crisis happens. In order for everything to work out, Cooper has to get past his own demons, the question is, can he do it?

Challenging the Cowboy | Finley is possibly the most hard headed person on the planet. Zach needs a little help with the family ranch-but he won’t admit it. Finley’s in town for her sister’s wedding and she is rubbing Zach the wrong way. Finley might have to get over herself to help Zach, and Zach might have to admit that things aren’t working out.

Swipe Right for a Cowboy | Emmaline is on a dating app. She thinks she picked the perfect guy. However, could she have been very wrong?

Knox | Knox is a former bull rider, now he’s running the family ranch. Kelsey is the super star of the Yankee Belles, the new girl band taking rodeo circuit by storm. She needs to get away, and Knox is just the man to take care of her.

Lucky in Love | Beau is known for his good luck. Milli is known for being a spitfire. Milli comes to stay next door, and she never wanted to see him again. When Beau finds out the truth about Milli, can their relationship handle it?

Romance Best Books of 2020

Part Time Husband | Ok, I just started reading this book, but I am obsessed. It’s about a woman who has worked her bootie off to work for her grandfather’s company. He’s old-fashioned and expects his granddaughters to get married. To force marriage, he tells the oldest to get married or he’ll terminate her position and her sisters’ finances.

Give Me Back My Man | Scarlett is trying to have a successful wedding venue. Cole Odell wants to get his life back on track now that he’s been dumped-days before his wedding. Cole is about to get a rude awakening for what small town Texas can be like and Scarlett might change the entire business and her life.

Choosing Happily Ever After |Hope Turner is the hopeless romantic in town. So much so, she created her own wedding business. Oddly enough, Hope hasn’t had much luck in the romance department herself. That is, until Levi comes back to town. Levi needs a job, and Hope needs help. Levi’s goal: to help as much as he can, even if it means putting his own love life on the line.

Chasing Hannah | Hannah has worked her butt off for everything she has. She’s made major moves at her job; however, it’s not good enough. Hannah gets the boot, but can she pull herself up by her bootstraps? She’s back in her hometown for a wedding, Hannah can’t decide how she wants to handle her life’s failure. Then, Hannah runs into the person she wants to see the least: Billy. Billy wants Hannah in his life, but it might not be the right time for him.

Perfect Love Story | Hailey thought her life was dream, but it was really a nightmare. Jensen never expected to get dumped by his wife. Hailey runs from the nightmare, because that’s the obvious answer, but can Hailey help Jensen when he needs it most?

Sports Based Best Books of 2020

Jersey Girl | Cassie is my best friend’s sister. I didn’t know that at the time. Now, I might just be in love with a girl, and can’t have her. Plus, on top of that, it’s my last year of college hockey and I’m expected to go through the NHL draft. Cassie has just changed her entire life to be closer to her brother after a devastating end to her relationship. However, her brother might not have as much time to spend with her as she thought. He’s a hockey god, after all. Cassie isn’t looking for anything serious…until it falls right in her lap.

This is Crazy | Zara needs a date, but not with a hockey player. Evan needs a date and it just so happens he answers the tweet. One tweet might be all that needed to happen to change Zara’s mind about hockey players.

The Chase | There is absolutely no reason for me to be interested in the hot shot hockey player. Fitzy definitely isn’t interested in me. He thinks I’m superficial and won’t amount to anything. He’s just like everyone else. But, Fitzy might just be hiding his feelings really well.

The Play & Play Me | British soccer players trying to figure out America and love. They face their challenges both on the field and off. Can they handle them?

What books have you enjoyed this year?



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