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Y’all, I truly think book chats are my favorite posts to write every month.

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Know My Name by Chanel Miller

Everyone remembers the story of the Standford swimmer who sexually assaulted the young woman behind a dumpster at a frat party. What we don’t remember is her name. This is the memoir of Chanel Miller, the young woman who no longer wants to be known as Emily Doe. Instead, she wants you to say her name.

Real life connection to the book

This book talks about how we as an American population, feel bad for the person committing the assault and blame the victim. Growing up in Charlottesville, I remember people saying similar things about Yardley Love, Morgan Harrington, and Hannah Graham. If they hadn’t been in that place, if they hadn’t been acting a certain way, etc. However, the victims never ask to be assaulted. Of the stories out of Charlottesville, Yardley Love’s is the most similar to Chanel Miller. Both were assaulted (Yardley Love was assaulted and murdered) by an upperclassman. The storylines continued in similarities as people tried to say “he didn’t know any better”, “he’ll be fine, he comes from money”. We often know the perpetrators’ names, but not the victims.  This book is powerful as it goes into the story of Chanel growing up in California and details the days leading up to and after the assault. With this in mind, I do have to give a trigger warning on this book. If you are a survivor of assault, you may want to skip this book as it does talk about the assault in detail and the process in the hospital and the court system.

This book will make you rethink how we talk about the victims and survivors of crimes, because they are not just Jane Doe or John Doe. They’re human beings who had their entire life turned upside down.

This book is also available via the Kindle app for less than $5.

The Diamond Creek Series by J.H. Croix

Available on Amazon here. I absolutely love these books. There is a whole series and I’m currently reading number 6: Christmas Nights. They’re currently free for the Kindle. If you like a paperback copy, those are also available for less than $10.

All the books in the series take place in Diamond Creek, Alaska. Each book has a similar premise and the characters intertwine. The town has a ton of interesting characters that are trying to figure out their lives-both professionally and personally. The characters are described perfectly and you really feel connected to the town.
If you are a fan of Virgin River, Gilmore Girls, or Sweet Magnolias, you’ll love this series.

In my defense, I’ve only seen the tv show for Sweet Magnolias, but I’m definitely going to be reading the books asap! I’ll let you know what I think about the first book in my next book chat.

The Wishing Well series by Melanie Shaw

I have read Borrowing Bentley and Convincing Cara, and Teasing Destiny. I love these stories!

We get taken to Wishing Well, Texas. Home to plenty of good-looking cowboys, and fun-loving girls. However, it’s not always sprinkles and cupcakes. There are challenges that our new friends have to take on in order to find their total happiness.

Again, if you’re a fan of Virgin River, Gilmore Girls, or Sweet Magnolias, you’ll love this series.

Blocked by Elise Faber

If you’re a hockey fan, you’ll love these books. The Gold hockey team is based in California. The team hasn’t always had the best leadership, and they’re willing to take on the “trouble” players. In Blocked, we meet Brit. The first NHL female hockey player. She’s not just any player though, she’s a goalie. Brit has clawed her way to the NHL and she wants to stay more than anything. Her playing abilities might not be the problem, though.

I’ve also read Coasting (book #8 in the series). You do not have to read the series in order; however, the characters are intertwined and there are some mentions of things that happened in earlier book.

Rafe by Kathy Ivan

Rafe is the local town sheriff. His life hasn’t always been picture perfect and it’s by the love of the Boudreau family that he turned out the way he did. The same can be said for all his adopted siblings. Rafe is passing by a house and he sees someone trying to break in. Turns out, that break in isn’t such a crime, more like a bathroom emergency made worse when the realtor was late to let Tessa in.

On the other hand, Tessa needs to get away from her life in Georgia, at least temporarily. Here’s the plan: one year in no-name Texas to help get over her grief. However, it might not be the quiet year she thought it was going to be. It’s up to Rafe to keep her safe when trouble comes to town.

Trouble in Texas by Eve Gaddy

Cat Randolph is just trying her best to keep her bird rescue afloat. She loves helping the exotic birds and loves that the Fish and Wildlife Service trusts her to help them. Mark Kincaid thought he was on leave while he healed from an on-the-job accident….it was just a flesh wound from a gunshot. Nothing too major. He heads to Redfish, Texas to fix up his uncle’s house to sell. Little does he know, he might have just ended up in the center of the exotic bird ring. Is Cat, the woman next door, part of the ring or is she as nice as she seems? Kincaid has to figure out what is really going on.

Lucas by Susan Fisher-Davis

Lucas is known as the town bad boy. Emily is known as the rich rancher. However, Emily has trouble coming her way. This is trouble with a capital T and stems from her no good, abusive ex-husband. He’s getting out of jail, and she knows he’ll come after her again. The only solution: find a husband in name only. Lucas needs a ranch. He always loved the Taggert ranch, where Emily lives. Can they work out a deal? Will it be enough? Will it be too much?

This is a story where you really can’t judge a book by its cover. Lucas has been judged since he was a wild teenager. At least, everyone thought he was wild. His bad boy rep might just be for show.

A Hero’s Heart by Tessa Layne

Sterling Walker is a former Army Rancher. Not former by choice mind you. He was told permanent desk duty or find something else after an injury. He’s now reeling after his best friend’s suicide. However, he can’t understand why he did it, especially leaving behind his wife and daughter. He heads off to Texas to Resolution Ranch. His buddy is starting the ranch to provide a safe haven and healing environment for military veterans who are struggling after coming back from deployments. Walker has his own job as foreman, but little does he know, Resolution Ranch is just what he needs.

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