Book Chat February 2021

It’s time for a look at January’s books! You can find my last book chat here. I’m going to try and keep my goodreads account up to date this year, but no promises on that one.

Check out these books in this month's book chat!

Colton (A Wild Man Novel) | Sky and Colton never thought they see each other again after that night in Colorado when they were teenagers. Fate suddenly brings them together, and neither can believe it. However, Sky and Colton are both running from different things. Can they work it out for true love?

5/5 stars. Y’all this book is everything. I loved every part of it. It’s got drama, it’s got love, it’s got pets. Both main characters go through some mental health struggles and I love how this is incorporated in the book.

Trouble in a Tight Dress | Austin’s life is a mess after his divorce and creating and running his own security business after his discharge from the Marines. Nina has changed her entire life-literally even her name. She wants nothing to do with her family business. However, will the family business mean she can’t have the love of her life?

4/5. Another great book. I loved how the author brought in both Austin’s and Nina’s points of view. The story is captivating and you want to keep reading to find out what happens next in this action packed book.

Seducing the Billionaire’s Wife | Andrew has fame and fortune. What he doesn’t have is love. For his father, this simply won’t do. Then there is the ultimatum: get married or no company. Luckily, Andrew has an IOU from his childhood friend, Hannah Miller. Hannah’s got bills to pay and Andrew can be very enticing. However, they don’t love each other. Their marriage doesn’t have to be forever, but it’s got to be something.

4.5/5. Okay, I’ll be the first to say I’m a sucker for books that has a good friends turned romantic partners plotline. This one is no exception. I love how Hannah’s entire life changes and how she realizes that Andrew hasn’t changed as much as she thought.

Heart of a Cowboy | Blake is a Sinclaire and Maddie is a Hansen. Enough said. They can’t be friends; they can’t even be nice to each other. The family feud dictates this. The feud might not be what they thought, but they have to overcome a variety of challenges.

4/5. This book has a great story line that is full of unexpected twists and turns. I honestly don’t know the last time I read a book that was this unpredictable. I loved how the book kept intertwining characters and really filled in the plot line over time.

Her Cowboy Prince | Melody Shaw is hiding from her past to protect herself. The family business is being run into the ground by her step sister. For protection, she is moved to another state. Melody ends up working in a resort owned by the McQueen family. She is cleaning Justin’s office (the CEO). Justin needs help planning an event and Melody is the perfect person for the job.

5/5. Y’all this story is cute, sweet, and loveable. The story draws you in quickly to the characters and storyline. The story can be predictable. However, there are plenty of unexpected twists. I love how involved the plot line is and how it continues to evolve.

Keeping Score | Logan is the resident bad girl. However, she’s trying her darndest to turn her life around. She comes back home for a bit before moving across the country with her fiance. She hasn’t told her family about the engagement or moving. Her first night in town she runs into her rival-Cole Tucker. She and Cole are known for their challenges against each other. They were always trying to one-up the other one. Cole had a reason for always challenging her, but Logan didn’t know it. Can Cole finally tell Logan the truth?

4.5/5. I have no apologies for loving so many books this month. I love how this story has unexpected twists to it. This book might be one of my favorites for the whole year.

The Decoy | Everyone is at a destination wedding. Secrets are flying everywhere from everyone. Some secrets are literally a life or death situation, though.

4/5. Another great read. I love how the story had so many characters involved and how they each connected in weird ways. This story is great if you loved Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls.

Let me know if you want to read any of these books!



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