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Pinterest Marketing 2021 Update

Pinterest can be your best friend when it comes to marketing your content as a blogger, youtuber, etc. Pinterest does one thing extremely well: change the algorithm.

Pinterest Marketing Update 1 month later

Boss Girl Bloggers, aka Ell, shared about the update here.

I am still finding the most impression success using Story Pins. However, I do find some very slight success using video pins.

I really started focusing on Pinterest in December because I had a 2 week break from school which to create a ton of content for Pinterest. My first week back to school left me more drained as I faced the hardest week of my teaching career to date.

However, as you can see from this screenshot below, my strategy has been working!

Graph showing pinterest marketing strategy working

This graph is from December 26 to January 7. Now, the drop off is a direct correlation to when I did not post on Pinterest. I had about 3 pins scheduled but I did not share any Story Pins during those days.

This pin is from January 17, and showcases from December 17 through January 15. Almost exactly 1 full month of a Pinterest strategy. You can definitely tell the days I posted versus when I didn’t. I do work a full time job, and for part of January, my teaching job has been extremely stressful. Hence, something had to give and unfortunately for my blog, that was Pinterest.

Things I’ve Learned about Pinterest Marketing

  1. Be prepared. Prep what you can ahead of time so it’s not as time-consuming when you’re doing it. You can schedule video pins, but not story pins. I created a folder on my desktop to store story pins until I’ve pinned them. After I post them, I delete them out of the file folder.
  2. Be consistent. If you don’t post, Pinterest is probably not sharing your items. This is made extremely obvious by the dips in the graphs from where I ddin’t post stories on Pinterest.
  3. Have good content to market. You’re content has to be good otherwise, people won’t view your content more. This means that you still need to be using action words, different fonts, colors, etc. to grab attention.
  4. Group boards do work well with stories. I do find success posting my Story Pins to Group Boards. I know a lot of people are saying group boards are dead (including Ell); however, I find the most success when posting to them when my stories. Again, this is from personal experience. Maybe Pinterest doesn’t want people to be using group boards (why create them if you don’t want people to use them, I don’t know).

There is a lot of talk about “spamming” on Pinterest. Pinterest does not want pins being spammed. Hence, it’s important to constantly be creating fresh pins. However, I have found that group boards do work really well for story pins.

What are you doing for marketing your content?



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