First Impression Rose of The Bachelor

Hi y’all,

Last night, I watched the first half of Peter’s season of The Bachelor. I finished it up this morning on Hulu.

I am not a “true fan” of The Bachelor franchise. I watched Hannah Brown’s season because my friend Lili wanted to do a bracket. I did like a lot of the guys on her season. I thought they brought a lot of personality to the show and were interesting (not looking at you, Luke P.). I do wish we had gotten to see Garrett’s hometown, though!

Peter was one of the guys that definitely sparked my interest and I’m so glad he made it to the “top 3”. of Hannah’s season.

Here are my first impression of Pilot Pete’s season:

1. These girls are already acting a little crazy. I mean that in the best way possible, but I have a feeling this group of girls are going to be catty and fighting the whole time.

2. These girls are very interested in Peter but don’t seem to know themselves. This might seem a little harsh, but I thought it was interesting that every single girl made a comment about something they knew about Peter. They hit on the windmill (like we could forget about it), planes, and family. I did think the girl that brought the note from her Grandmother was incredibly sweet and original. However, most of them were not interesting interactions.

3. Hannah Ann is the drama queen. I could be wrong on this, but I foresee Hannah Ann to be the villain during this season. Obviously, for the past few seasons the person to receive the first impression rose did not end up “winning”, and I’m thinking this is going to continue this season.

4. These girls are fake. From the majority of the girls I am definitely getting a vibe that these girls are going to be fake. I think the majority are sugar coating some stuff.

5. Peter is exactly who he says he is. I am 1000% convinced that Peter is a sweet, caring, human being. I do not feel like he’s putting on a show or saying things to say them. I think he is truly being genuine.

As far as my favorite girls go, I’m liking Madison. I really liked her one on one date to Peter’s parents vowel renewal. I think it was obvious they have a connection and there is something there.

I am 100% excited for Peter. I think he is a great guy and he is what the Bachelor franchise needs in the U.S.

As far as my thoughts on the rest of the season:

1. I’m not super invested in these girls yet, and I’m worried for the rest of the season that I won’t be.

2. I think Peter will either not end up with anyone, or if he does, the relationship won’t last. This isn’t meant to sound like a negative Nancy, just that I do not foresee these girls being the “right” one for him personality wise.

3. I’m interested to learn more about Peter as a human being! I know a lot of people said there can’t be a lot behind Peter, but I think they’re wrong.

What are your first impression of this Bachelor season?


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