The Third Rose: Bachelor Week 3

Hi y’all,

This week a lot happened.

I’ve already done recaps and thoughts on Week 1 and Week 2.

What Went Down:

Date 1: One on One Dancing Date with Victoria P.
Date 2: Demi’s Pillow Fight Group Date
“Date” 3/Cocktail Party: Pool Party (that wasn’t a pool party)

Overall, this was really the Alayah show and not The Bachelor. I feel bad for Peter that these girls are acting the way they are. I also feel bad that he has these girls to pick from. This episode was honestly a waste of an episode. The girls sat around and talked in their little cliques, and then Peter took some of them for some individual time to figure out Alayah. I will say, I applaud Sydney for sticking to her guns about calling Alayah out. However, I do think Peter has more girls there looking for the “after show” perks than the actual purpose of being his wife.

I do think Peter will have a hard time this season because he is very hardworking and caring, and besides a handful of the girls, I’m not seeing similar characteristics, and he clearly values these traits.

My Thoughts:

> Alayah is hiding her true self. She definitely seemed nice, but I think the pillow fight is an indicator of who she truly is. The second indicator to me was when Peter made a comment about how a crown looked good on her, and her response was along the lines of how she’d worn plenty of crowns. I get she’s won pageants, but she could have just said thank you.

> Many of the girls are hiding their true selves, though. I do think there are plenty of them that are hiding themselves. I agree with my friend, Lili, that these girls know what to turn it on.

>Victoria P. is definitely fitting into Peter’s typical life. She was the lucky lady that went line dancing with Peter, which is at a place he regularly goes. This was obviously an awesome date to get picked to go on, since Peter knew exactly what he was doing and was already comfortable with the date.

> Girls obviously need to be vetted more. Alayah had multiple girls that talked about how she wasn’t in the house for the right reason. Instead of getting girls with already sizable social media followings, model contracts, etc., these producers need to consider more of the “girls next door”. They can still have plenty of drama, but have a higher chance of girls actually there for love.

Favorite Girls:

>Victoria P.
> Madison


> There will be more drama, even with Alayah “gone”, that stems from Alayah in some way. They did show a preview of her coming back to talk to him, Luke P. like; however, I think there will be something else.

> Hannah Ann has not hit her stride yet. I foresee Hannah Ann becoming more of the focal point for drama as the season moves on.


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