The Bachelor Recap Week 2

Hi y’all,

This week The Bachelor got more intense as we knew it would.
Last week, Peter met his girls (and a literal cow), had a few dates, and sent some girls home.
As y’all saw in last week’s post, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the girls.

Here’s a quick recap:

The group date gets cancelled after some stuff with Hannah Brown. He then meets and gives the girls some talk time. There was a whole mess with a bottle of champagne (literally and figuratively). Rose ceremony, and then the fashion show date.

My thoughts:

>Kelsey’s Champagne bottle deal-I get it, it was rough to see someone (Hannah Ann) drinking your champagne with Peter. But, WHY did you leave a bottle of champagne out where anyone could take it? It isn’t like it has your name on it. I’m not at all saying Hannah Ann is innocent in this situation.

>These girls are here for the fame. I’m starting to think that these girls could care less about Peter’s heart (or their own) and are there to see if they can make some money. I’m not even talking about the money from being the next bachelorette, I don’t think they want that, they just want endorsements from clothing companies. I do find it interesting that Revolve gifted the winner what looked like so many clothes. I do think they literally put one item in each bag and then threw in tissue paper to make it look like it was full, especially at the price tags on their website ($128 for a pair of shorts? Not exactly an every day purchase for most people).

>Hannah Brown needs to let Peter have his time. I understand that it’s in Hannah’s contract with ABC (or at least most likely since we don’t actually know what the contract says besides she is obligated to ABC for a year for Bachelorette appearances). I like Hannah. I think she did a great job as the Bachelorette. However, she had her time to pick Peter. Not once but twice. Peter is a kind heart, good guy so he played by the rules is not a reason to say why you didn’t reach out. Also, Hannah broke up with Peter and aired personal stuffed about him on national TV. Peter did not have to be the person to reach out. Would he being the person he is? Absolutely. However, I listened to the Bachelor Happy Hour and I completely agree, that she could have reached out, it didn’t have to be Peter. Now, I am 100% here for if after the show, things don’t work out for Peter, sure give it another shot with Hannah B.

>Hannah Ann has got to go. I’m so over this girl. I get she’s “confident”. However, for me, this week solidified my thoughts last week on her being the next Luke P. She is definitely going to be the conniving villain of the season. While I do think the champagne-gate solidified this for me, her whole attitude during the fashion show was to me, not confident but rude and arrogant. I haven’t really seen any positive footage of Hannah Ann except for when she’s with Peter. I have a feeling she’ll be around until Hometowns so we better buckle up as far she’s concerned.

>Victoria F. is hiding some stuff. I’ve seen some shady comments about her in her “real” life, but this girl is definitely pretending. Someone who isn’t confident in themselves is not going to pick lingerie to wear in front of dozens if not hundreds of people (when you know you’re being filmed for national tv). She is definitely hiding some stuff from Peter.


Madison || I know we have some weird stuff going on with social media right now, but as of right now out of these girls she’s the favorite.

I still feel like there are some slim pickings this season as far as the contestants go.


>Someone “big” goes home next week. I’m thinking right now Peter is going to send Kelsey home for the whole champagne thing. His kind heart can’t take anyone being mean to someone else, and Hannah Ann is higher up in the hierarchy of girls right. I said she was like Luke P., am I right?


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