The Rose: Bachelor Week 5 (Part 1)

Hi y’all,

Welcome to week 5 of the Bachelor. This was part one of a two part episode, Wednesday night part two is airing.

We watched a one on one with Sydney, a group date photo shoot, and a one on one with Kelley. There was also a Rose Ceremony.


> Thank you, Alayah is gone (hopefully this time for real).

> Sydney is a liar. Before I even saw all the stuff on Twitter about how she hated beauty queens and was severely bullied, I knew she was lying about something. I was okay with their one-on-one date. She didn’t seem super significant to me and I was not impressed.

> Kelley is definitely not who we thought she was. Kelley definitely was rude and short with Peter during their one-on-one. Peter was obviously unnerved and was short back to her, but I understand why. Kelley on the other hand is the one holding back. I think that she is trying to deceive Peter to make sure she stays longer, I do not foresee her opening up. If I was not impressed by Sydney, I was even less impressed with Kelley. She seems like she is in it to just be on tv, and couldn’t care less where she actually was or what she was doing.

> Tammy and Kelsey obviously have their issues. I do not think it is at all appropriate that Tammy was making comments about Kelsey to the other girls. That kind of drama is unwarranted on every level. I do like that Kelsey went and talked to Peter about it instead of letting someone let it slip. I’m actually glad that I saw someone step up and saw Peter. These girls complain so much about not having any time with Peter, but no one has yet to take any initiative toward fixing that problem, until Kelsey. I do not think Kelsey needed to go and talk to the girls about it, but I think she handled it well, considering the feelings of the girls and what was being said about her. Tammy was definitely defensive before the Rose Ceremony which told me she felt apprehensive about whatever has happened. I also thought it was wrong that the girls blamed Kelsey for not having a cocktail party. If you didn’t start drama and make girls feel like they needed to say something on their own time, it would have been fine. I am surprised that Peter kept Tammy since there has been so many truth/lying incidences, unless he is still trying to figure out who was telling the truth.

> Mykenna. If you do not make some time, it’s not going to happen. You keep saying you need time, but I have not seen an instance where you’ve stepped up. When you did step up to talk to her, I cannot believe that you really didn’t take advantage of it, from at least what we saw on tv. Please stop crying! This girls has literally cried at the drop of a hat.


> Madison. No drama central right here. She has managed to keep herself out of all the drama, which is quite impressive at this point.

> Hannah Ann. Please I’m just as shocked as you are, but she stayed out of the drama, and for that I am impressed.

What are your thoughts?


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