The Rose from The Bachelor Episode 6

Hi y’all,

As I started to write draft for next week’s posts, I realized I never wrote a recap and gave my thoughts on the second episode of The Bachelor from this past week!
Peter went on some one on ones and a group date.  Peter ended up cancelling the cocktail party, and met with Tammy and Mykenna to iron out the drama. There was also a Rose Ceremony.

My thoughts:

> Hannah Ann did not open up to Peter. Peter made a comment about how he needed Hannah Ann to open up to him, she cried, and he said thanks for opening up. What did she open up about? Well, the episode didn’t show it, so I’m not entirely sure. I don’t want to say she didn’t, because we honestly don’t know what all was said. I also agree that Hannah Ann is too young for Peter. She doesn’t really seem to know what she wants out of life. Also, she totally lied to Peter about never being in love. She did disclose she had been in a 3 1/2 year long relationship; however, had never been in love. There are old posts from an Instagram where she had hashtagged #iloveyou on every picture with said ex bf.

> The telenovela was a great idea. I really enjoyed this idea for a group date. First off, it was another side of Peter we haven’t seen, and I liked his story about how this is how he learned Spanish and watched them with his grandmother. I did feel like this gave him a chance to see the girls acting skills, and found it interesting how it all went down.

> Victoria F. got another one on one, and this time it involved horses. Peter needs to send this girl home ASAP. First her ex bf shows up on a date, and now she can’t handle riding a horse without a crying. She also keeps telling Peter she doesn’t understand why she feels this way, and that maybe Peter should pick someone else. Obviously she is not dedicated to actual love.

> Thank you, both Tammy and Mykenna are gone. I’m actually glad that Peter sent Tammy home right away. This really showed that he wasn’t playing around with her. I really didn’t like her attitude during the confessional shots. She definitely had a holier than thou attitude about the whole situation and she made it rather obvious that she was there to compete, not find love.

> Down to 6 girls. Peter was eliminating girls left and right as a whole this week. I’m grateful some of them are gone. I did find it odd how happy Victoria P. was about going home. I do not think that she really thought Peter was the one since she really didn’t show emotion when talking to him, but I think in the car the producers made her cry about something else and then asked a question about her feelings.

Girls left:
Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria F., Kelley, Kelsey, and Natasha.
We have not seen much of Natasha so I’m interested to see what we see from her on Monday.

> Still Madison as the girl he picks. This girl has stayed out of all drama and seems very calm and collected.

> Kelley is hiding something and so is Victoria F. Obviously, Victoria F. isn’t used to having to try with guys, but she is definitely hiding something else.

> Hannah Ann doesn’t stay out of the drama for long. This week, I was impressed with Hannah Ann for keeping out of the drama, it definitely showed a side of maturity we haven’t seen from her before. I do not see it lasting for long though. She is the youngest of the girls left.

What do you think? Who do you want to see go home next?


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